Data Mapping for GDPR Compliance

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The concept of data mapping can mean many different things depending on the context. In this webinar, we look at two approaches to data mapping focused on GDPR compliance outcomes. Both are important but each solves a different problem. Join this webinar to hear two different providers of data mapping solutions and understand their approach, what problems they solve, and how they can work together.

Nymity: Data Processing Activities Data Mapping
Nymity uses an expert system that works with the business to identify data processing activities, transfer mechanisms that are in use, legal grounds for processing, categories of data and data subjects and other information required for by GDPR Article 30 (Records of Processing Activities).

Prifender: Automatic Discover and Mapping Personal Data
Prifender data mapping solution uses artificial intelligence technology to discover and map personal information across networks and systems, both structured and unstructured, while associating identities with their respective obligations so organisations can better manage and demonstrate accountability and compliance.

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  Sagi Leizerov, Chief Data Solutions Officer, Prifender
  Andy Garner, Nymity Product Director, Attestor and former Global Privacy Manager,
  Legal Services
  Constantine Karbaliotis, Vice President, Solutions Partnerships and former
 Global Chief Privacy Officer, HR/Health/Tech

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