Empowers the privacy office to enhance privacy management
at any stage of its privacy program

Privacy Office Support Software

Build/maintain a demonstrably compliant privacy program that results in ongoing compliance

The ideal solution for the privacy office looking to build, enhance, and structure privacy management throughout the organization. Using a structured approach based on privacy management activities, Nymity Planner™ helps you to assign, communicate, and report the ownership of privacy throughout the organization to ensure privacy management is embedded.

Empowers you to statistically and confidentially report on the status of your privacy management compared with other organizations, based on a set of processes and activities common to privacy programs all over the world. Benchmarks can be used for baselining the status of privacy management, reporting, risk analysis and law/consulting firm integration.

Contains a wide range of downloadable resources designed for the privacy office to take privacy management to the next level, in any organization. Ideal for new Privacy Officers or DPOs responsible for creating privacy management in their organization, and seasoned Privacy Officers or DPOs who want to expand or enhance privacy management in their organization.

Privacy Management Software

Automate privacy management activities justified by volumes or complexity

The most labour-saving technology for privacy management. Motivated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, for example ‘Article 30 – Records of processing activities’ and ‘Article 35 – Data protection impact assessment’, it provides a unique and original approach which is quick, simple and compliant.

A simple automated solution that turns data inventory into an outcome of project reviews completed by a motivated business. As the GDPR requires organisations to maintain comprehensive and current internal records of their data processing activities, data inventory/mapping is an excellent first step in building a privacy or compliance program.

A privacy management software solution that enables the privacy office to demonstrate accountability and compliance. Attestor™ enables organizations to report on the status of the privacy program – generating quantitative metrics supported by evidence – using the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™.

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