Top 5 Most-Downloaded Privacy Management Resources

Written by Nymity
on December 07, 2017

As organisations continue their GDPR readiness, it can be helpful to gain an understanding of the technical and organisational measures that are currently undergoing development within other organisations. Which tasks are organisations working on? What are they prioritizing?

Nymity Templates™ contains over 750 practical, operational downloadable resources that provide users with the ability to quickly put in place operational activities. Users can also download pre-configured as well as custom reports including the “Most Viewed” resources within the last 30 days which may help in planning.

Within the last thirty days, the most viewed resources show that organizations are prioritizing these four activities: Maintain a data privacy policy; Maintain a data privacy notice that details the organisation’s personal data handling practices; Conduct an enterprise privacy risk assessment; and Maintain a data privacy incident/breach response plan. 

Let’s take a look at this month’s top downloaded resources.

#1 DOWNLOADED RESOURCE: Sample Annotated Privacy Policy
This 17-page document provides a detailed framework for creating a thorough, documented privacy strategy, set of privacy principles, and privacy policy. Featuring placeholders for information specific to your organisation, the document walks users through the development of the mission, vision, and values to govern and support all business activities when processing personal information.

#2 DOWNLOADED RESOURCE: GDPR – Key Considerations for Maintaining a Data Privacy Policy
This document provides support for organisations undergoing GDPR readiness preparation, as they develop a privacy policy that addresses compliance. The document details the 6 data protection principles that underpin the GDPR, while also looking at International Transfers, Demonstrating Compliance (Accountability), the Risk Based Approach, Codes of Conduct and Certification, and the role of the Data Protection Officer.

#3 DOWNLOADED RESOURCE: GDPR – Information Notices – Sample Annotated Privacy Statement
This resource provides a framework to help organisations develop their customer-facing messaging around privacy. In essence, the statement is intended to show consumers that your organisation takes privacy seriously, and is committed to protecting their personal data. The GDPR Sample Annotated Privacy Statement contains all the information that your organisation must address, in an easy-to-read format.

#4 DOWNLOADED RESOURCE: GDPR – Template Personal Data Risk Assessment Tool
One of the most important facets of GDPR readiness involves assessing the risk inherent in the type of data processing involved in any given activity. The GDPR – Template Personal Data Risk Assessment Tool is an easy-to-use excel file that allows your organisation to systematically detail and assess each type of processing and produce documentation that may serve as evidence of compliance and accountability.

#5 DOWNLOADED RESOURCE: GDPR Checklist to Review the Incident Response Protocol
Article 33 of the GDPR makes it mandatory to notify supervisory authorities in the event of a data breach that poses a “high risk” of harm. Article 34 additionally requires notification to data subjects, and there are strict time frames within which the notification is expected, as well as detailed content requirements for the notification letter. The circumstances of the data breaches must also be documented. This resource provides the user with a checklist to ensure that all necessary items are included in your organisation’s incident response protocol.

View the Top Ten Most Downloaded Resources
The five resources that we’ve discussed today have been pulled from the report, “Top 10 Resource Downloads”. Begin planning your organisation’s next steps today by viewing the remaining 5 most downloaded resources. Learn more about Nymity Templates™ by requesting a free trial, or contact our team today, at (647) 260-6230.

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