PIAs and DPIAs in half the time with 10X the accountability.

Business Friendly Smart Questions – With Predicted Answers

Business Friendly Policy and Procedure Based Accountability Questions – Tell Them What To Do!



Complete PIA over twice as fast, reduce far more risk, significantly cut the time for PIA approvals, by mitigating privacy risk during the assessment not afterwards.


Quickly identify privacy risks, with system notifications to the approver with links to underlying regulatory supporting authority documents.


Gain greater accuracy and speed, PIA DPIA learns from past assessments to deliver faster approvals.


Efficiently engage non-privacy business representatives to quickly and easily conduct privacy impact assessments and data protection impact assessments.

Engage business representatives with their own terminology and procedures, by providing only the relevant questions for fast and accurate assessments.


Automatically produce reports for demonstrating compliance, legitimate interest, Privacy by Design and law/Regulation specific reporting including GDPR Article 30 and Article 35 reports.

Approver & Business Triggered Compliance and Accountability Notifications – Ensure Compliance

Approver Only Compliance Warnings Section for Complete Project – Expert Reviews That Save Time



Regulator-Ready reports


Receive notifications based on high-risk triggers as defined by GDPR


Automate customizable expert rules with over 50 options


Privacy by Design (PbD) embedded in every PIA & DPIA


Powerful rules engine


Automatic high-risk triggers


Accountability mechanism catalogue


Captures accountability balancing for legal grounds for processing


Compel better engagement from business for PIAs


Drill-down GDPR reporting, for example Article 30 and 35

Regulator Ready Reporting – Example Article 35 DPIA

Expert System Generated Compliance Alerts – Example DPIA Requirements

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