Compare and Improve Privacy Management Performance

Nymity Benchmarks™ empowers you to statistically and confidentially report on the status of your privacy management compared to other organizations, based on a set of processes and activities common to privacy programs all over the world. Use Nymity Benchmarks™ privacy compliance software for:
Baselining the status of your privacy management
Privacy management reporting
Business case justification
Accountability presentations
Risk analysis
Collaborating with your law/consulting firm


High-level or Granular Comparisons

Compare by industry, region and organization size. Three levels of comparisons can be made at any time, providing ultimate control.


Scheduled Reporting

Stay abreast of privacy management changes in your organization, industry, or region, with a variety of helpful weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.


On-Demand Reporting

Download reports on-demand, including comprehensive privacy management benchmarking, rankings of privacy management activities, and risk analysis.

Custom Charts

Compare your organization to others by industry, size, region, or multiple combinations in a single chart.


Set an Accurate Baseline for Comparison
Baseline the status of your privacy management compared to other organizations.
Achieve and Maintain Compliance
Understand the specific privacy management activities that organizations have in place to comply with BCRs, GDPR, HIPAA, OECD privacy principles, and other privacy compliance obligations.
Assess and Avoid Risk
Leverage Nymity’s 14-point privacy risk analysis to compare your organization to others and avoid risk.
Understand and Improve Your Privacy Management
Compare your privacy management to other organizations to understand how you are doing and make improvements
Save Time with Robust Reporting Tools
Quickly create newsletters, management reports, presentations, and other resources with our reporting features. Add maps, charts, and tables to back up your narrative.
Access Top Rankings of Privacy Management Activities
Gain access to rankings in privacy management activities most implemented, in progress, desired, or not applicable.


Baseline, Compare and Maintain GDPR Compliance with Nymity Benchmarks™

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went into effect on May 25th, 2018. Now organisations must be ready to report on compliance and be able to maintain ongoing compliance.

There are 55 common GDPR compliance privacy management activities that need to be implemented, maintained, and evidenced to achieve ongoing compliance. See how your organisation compares to other organisations for GDPR.

Baseline and Compare GDPR Compliance Status
Baseline your privacy management and see the status of privacy management activities that will help result in compliance with the GDPR.
GDPR Compliance Progress and Comparison Reporting
Access weekly, monthly or quarterly progress reports to achieve and maintain GDPR privacy management compliance, and see how your organisation is doing compared to others.
Compare Risk Assessment Activities
The GDPR outlines a risk based approach, and Nymity Benchmarks supports this with its 14 risk assessment privacy management activities which identify and assess risk.

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Compare and Improve Privacy Management Performance