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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Empower your privacy office with the tools they need to maintain and demonstrate compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Nymity’s suite of GDPR solutions enable organizations to plan, implement, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance based on their priorities and program maturity

GDPR Compliance Toolkit

The GDPR Compliance Toolkit provides an operational approach to GDPR compliance which results in demonstrable GDPR compliance.

GDPR Accountability Handbook

The accountability principle in Article 5(2) of the GDPR requires organisations to demonstrate compliance with the principles of the GDPR.

DSR Handbook

With the GDPR fully applicable and the CCPA on the horizon, more attention than ever before is being given to the rights of the data subject.

Privacy Whitepapers

Privacy Pulse Report, July 2019

There has been no rest for privacy professionals coming out of last year’s GDPR compliance activities. California (CCPA) and other jurisdictions bringing in new and/or amended privacy legislation are creating increasing demands on the privacy office so it isn’t surprising that privacy professionals are feeling anxious.

Leveraging GDPR Compliance Initiatives to Comply with the CCPA and LGPD

On 1 January 2020 the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will enter into application. A few weeks later, the new Brazilian Data Protection Law (LGPD) will start to apply.

From Privacy Project to Privacy Program

The GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018. Leading up to this date, many organisations had determined that it would be practical to approach the many requirements of the GDPR as a “project” with various workstreams.

Reporting on GDPR Compliance

An Accountability Approach to GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting

Deciphering Legitimate Interests Under the GDPR

This essential report helps organizations better understand how to use and apply legitimate interests.

A Practical Guide to Demonstrating GDPR Compliance

This guide can help teach how to prioritize your accountability obligations.

GDPR Compliance Benchmarking Study

This study spans multiple industries, including 46 organisations that completed a GDPR benchmark.

Does GDPR Article 30 Require a Data Inventory?

The GDPR replaces current EU legal obligations requiring you to notify and register your processing activities with local Data Protection Authorities.

The Next Generation PIAs

This framework is the latest in Nymity’s ongoing thought-leadership research in accountability.

Privacy Compliance Webinars

2020 Welcomes the new Turkish Data Protection Act: Is it a reflection of GDPR?
January 15, 2020

In April 2016, the Republic of Turkey published an omnibus data protection act, The Law on the Protection of Personal Data w. no 6698, in the Official Gazette. One of the obligations under this law is to register all data processing operations with the supervisory authority KVKK. At the request of the Turkish business representatives, the deadline for the registration is extended to June 30, 2020.

ACCOUNTABILITY – How do you demonstrate your compliance with the GDPR?
October 1, 2019

Without doubt, accountability underpins a controller's ability to confirm to others, whether that be a regulator, a business partner or a customer (individual and/or business) how they are accountable in their compliance measures, i.e., that they have not only implemented the GDPR but that they continue to proactively monitor and review their data protection operations and processes.

GDPR Quarterly Update: Enforcement Has Arrived
September 12, 2019

Earlier this year, many organisations were questioning why they invested so much in GDPR compliance and little serious enforcement had taken place. Since this time, as predicted during our last GDPR Quarterly Update, enforcement has now become serious.

How to Build a State of the Art Privacy Program
June 20, 2019

The CCPA, EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA, Brazil’s General Data Protection Law, Australia’s notifiable data breach scheme. These are just a few of the international data breach notification laws that have been flashing across your news feed in recent years.

Reporting to the Board on Privacy Compliance: What, Why, How?
June 12, 2019

Looking back, it’s clear that the GDPR was a defining moment in getting Board attention to organizational privacy compliance. No doubt, for US companies, the CCPA & the new Nevada privacy law will be the same.

Faceoff with GDPR: The Current State of Enforcement and Investigations
May 29, 2019

Almost one year ago, the GDPR entered into application after a two-year transition period. By now, not only everyone has realized that unlike Y2K the Regulation is here to stay, but also that enforcement is in full swing.

US “GDPR or CCPA-like” State laws – is it time to invest in a privacy program?
April 09, 2019

At the latest count, 11 states in the United States were discussing legislation introducing new privacy rights for consumers, either inspired by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Tracking the GDPR: How to Keep Up with National Law Developments
March 07, 2019

The GDPR has been in force for almost a full year and it is clear data protection authorities are taking its application seriously.

Privacy Compliance Workshops

From GDPR Project to a Sustainable Privacy Program
June 11, 2019 - Stockholm, Sweden

Ahead of 25 May 2018, many organisations put in place a project team to deal with the implementation of GDPR.

From GDPR Project to a Sustainable Privacy Program
February 21, 2019 - London, UK

Ahead of 25 May 2018, many organisations put in place a project team to deal with the implementation of GDPR.

Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators Part II - Side Event

During the 39th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference in Hong Kong 2017.

Demonstrating Compliance with the GDPR

Nymity hosted a free half day workshop that will build upon the material presented in the Getting to Accountability workshops of 2015.

An Accountability Approach to GDPR Compliance

Learn how GDPR accountability and compliance can be achieved through a structured approach to privacy management.