REIMAGINING PRIVACY: TrustArc Acquires Nymity

Written by Nymity
on November 19, 2019

Terry McQuay, President and Founder at Nymity Today we’re pleased and proud to be announcing that Nymity, the company I founded almost 18 years ago, is joining forces with TrustArc Inc, a fellow pioneer in privacy solutions. Our vision is to combine the best privacy research, assessment tools and data subject rights solutions from Nymity with the best intelligent privacy automation platform from TrustArc to deliver fresh, novel approaches to enable organizations of any size, sector, or region to more effectively harness their data.

Our two companies have a shared history of innovation. Our experience in the space boasts almost 40 years and we’re excited to be able to combine this heritage with our focus on next-generation technology to provide new value to customers.

As public and regulatory expectations escalate, demand for privacy solutions continues to grow. New laws are being passed and updated with increasing frequency, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will enter into application on 1 January 2020. We understand businesses need a partner who they can rely on to provide the very best service to help them navigate the ever-changing privacy legislative landscape.

Since 1997, TrustArc has evolved with market demand from its origins in enabling organizations to demonstrate trust online through seals and certifications to today’s leading intelligence-driven privacy management platform provider. Since 2002, Nymity has been delivering the world’s most robust practical expert privacy research, assessment and DSR solutions that organizations across industry sectors have come to rely upon, including its globally-recognized privacy management accountability framework that is embedded into the Nymity solutions.

With our unrivaled privacy experience, together we will deliver the next generation of unprecedented privacy solutions empowering privacy, security, IT, legal and business teams to efficiently drive insights, operationalize compliance, manage risk, and demonstrate accountability.

We believe technology is at its best when it can fade into the background – seamlessly allowing businesses to do what they do best, safe in the knowledge they are secure and compliant. We understand this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect you, your business and your customers.

Since our early beginnings, we’ve built a strong foundation of capabilities and products that have helped lead the industry. Now we enter the next chapter in the company’s life and with TrustArc are excited to extend our reach even further.

TrustArc has designated Canada as a key development center and we are excited to support them here as well as to leverage their deep SaaS and privacy talent pools in the US. We are also combining our operations in Europe to increase our footprint and to provide expanded support for organizations seeking to efficiently manage GDPR, as well as complex regional, global, and cross-border obligations.

From a technology perspective, the Nymity line of privacy solutions is now an integral part of the TrustArc platform. The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework is being aligned with the TrustArc Privacy and Data Governance Framework.

This powerful combination delivers an integrated suite of next-generation accountability, risk, and compliance solutions powered by the TrustArc platform to address records of processing and data inventories, assessments, and data subject rights management. Nymity’s nearly 18 years of providing practical data privacy research will bolster the actionable Privacy Intelligence embedded in the TrustArc Platform, including its Intelligence Engine, Privacy Profile, and newly launched Risk Profile.

With change comes opportunity. Together, we will reimagine privacy and deliver on the path forward to new possibilities for our customers and for our own development. TrustArc’s CEO, Chris Babel, and I recorded a video below that talks about why the companies are coming together and what the future holds for our customers.

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