Nymity SmartPIA


Unleashing the power of Accountability PIAs™ for Process Data Inventory, Data Mapping, DPIAs and PIAs.

Processing Data Inventory
Nymity SmartPIA™:

Enables the repurposing of personal data
Motivates the business
Promotes accurate information
Avoids automating questionnaires
Minimizes engagement time
Includes Drilldown Dynamic Data Mapping™
Supports Vendor Management
Includes an Accountability Mechanism Recommender™
Includes Accountability Data Use Strategy™ support
Includes Accountability Data Valuations™

GDPR Ready
Nymity SmartPIA™:

On-demand Compliance Reporting™ for Article 30 (Records of processing activities)
Fast documenting of current processing, a GDPR requirement
Future proof compliance

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA/DPIA)
Nymity SmartPIA™:

Avoids unnecessary documented non-compliance
Ensures Just-in-Time Accountability Mechanism™
Turns Privacy Impact into a positive
Enables Agile Accountability™
Privacy awareness
Better assessments through Accountability Effectiveness Assessments™
Creates discoverable and documented compliance
Avoids documenting high-risk processing, unless required by law

GDPR Ready
Nymity SmartPIA™:

Includes up-to-date DPIA Auto-Triggers™
On-demand Compliance Reporting™ for Article 35 (Data protection impact assessments) – with drill-down evidence
Includes an Accountability Balancing Test Support™
Potential Legitimate Interest Processing ™ support


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