Understand and compare privacy management across your organization to other organizations with Nymity Benchmarks™.


  • Mature Privacy Offices with a team of privacy representatives embedded in operational and business units
  • New Privacy Offices wishing to communicate and engage operations and business units
  • Privacy Offices in Large Organizations who wish to compare the status of privacy management among their various divisions and locations
  • Industry Associations wishing to add value to their membership by offering comparative, anonymous privacy management benchmarking

Key Benefits:

Compare by Industry

Compare your organization’s privacy management status to others in your industry.

Compare by Region

Compare your organization to organizations in your region or country.

Compare by Organization Size

Compare your organization to organizations of similar size.

Compare by Privacy Management Activities for Compliance

Understand the specific privacy management activities that organizations have in place that may result in compliance with BCRs, GDPR, HIPAA, OECD privacy principles, and other privacy compliance obligations.

Compare by Risk Activities

There is a lot of interest in understanding how organizations assess privacy risk. Nymity’s research has identified 14 different privacy management activities that organizations implement to assess privacy risk. Download a risk analysis report comparing your organization to others.

View Top Rankings of Privacy Management Activities

At a glance, see how your organization compares to others for the top 10 rankings of the privacy management activities most implemented, in progress, desired, or not applicable.

Create Custom Charts

Compare your organization to others by industry, size, region, or multiple combinations, in a single chart. Download and use in presentations and reports.

Receive Monthly Reports

As the status of privacy management changes in your organization, or as changes take place in your industry, region or size segment, receive one or more of the monthly reports.

High-level or Granular Comparisons

Three levels of comparisons can be made at any time providing ultimate control.

Download on-demand the following reports:
  • Comprehensive Privacy Management Benchmarking
  • Top 10 Rankings of Privacy Management Activities
  • Risk Analysis Activities
  • Comprehensive Rankings Report for all Privacy Management Activities

The following are example use cases that provide information on how organizations use Nymity Benchmarks™ and the justification necessary:

  1. Baselining and Understanding the Status of Privacy Management Compared to Other Organizations
    Baseline privacy management in your organization and see how you compare to other organizations of the same size or in the same industry or region.
    View Business Case

  2. Management Reporting
    Demonstrate how well the organization is doing compared to peer organizations.
    View Business Case

  3. Business Case Justification
    Use statistics based on peer organizations to justify further investment in privacy management.
    View Business Case

  4. Accountability Presentations
    Present to business and operational units the state of privacy management outside of the office to motivate further investments in privacy management.
    View Business Case

  5. Risk Analysis
    Understand the privacy management activities that organizations put in place in order to reduce risk in the organization and see how your organization compares to others.
    View Business Case

  6. Law Firm/Consulting Firm Integration
    At no additional cost, provide access to Nymity Benchmarks™ to your trusted law firm or consulting firm as they help the organization achieve, maintain, and communicate compliance.
    View Business Case

Organisations operating in the EU have until May 25th 2018 to achieve compliance with the GDPR. At that time, they will be required to maintain ongoing compliance and to demonstrate compliance. There are 55 common GDPR compliance privacy management activities that need to be implemented, maintained, and evidenced to achieve ongoing compliance to the GDPR. See how your organisations compares to other organisations for GDPR.

  1. Baseline and Compare GDPR Compliance Status
    Baseline your privacy management and see the status of privacy management activities that will help result in compliance with the GDPR. See how well the organisation is doing compared to peer organisations.

  2. GDPR Compliance Progress and Comparison Reporting
    Weekly/Monthly or quarterly progress reports to achieve, and once achieved, maintain GDPR privacy management compliance, as well as show how the organisation is doing compared to others.

  3. Baseline and Compare Risk Assessment Activities
    GDPR outlines a risk based approach and Nymity Benchmarks™ supports the approach with its 14 Risk Assessment privacy management activities which identify and assess risk.

  4. GDPR Supported Framework
    There are very few privacy management frameworks and the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™, which is the foundation for Nymity Benchmarks™, encompasses privacy management activities that specify obligations in the GDPR.



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