Clearly Build or Enhance Your Privacy Program with
over 700 Practical and Downloadable Documents

Nymity Templates

Build or Enhance Your Privacy Program with over 700 Practical and Downloadable Documents


Quickly build or enhance privacy management throughout your organization with over 700 downloadable expert resources associated with 130+ privacy management activities.

Featuring user-friendly templates and checklists, use Nymity Templates™ privacy software for:

  • Developing structured privacy management
  • Operationalizing ongoing compliance
  • Putting accountability into practice
  • Generating evidence
  • Conducting annual reviews with evidence




Structured Privacy Management Framework
Select from 130+ privacy management activities in 13 categories in the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™.

Customizable Downloadable Resources
Download and customize documents for each activity, including spreadsheets, checklists, case studies, template policies and procedures, and real-world samples.

Revision History
View a history of updates performed on a selected privacy management activity.

Related Activities
Obtain a list of privacy management activities that are either pre-requisites for, or complementary to, the selected activity to leverage resources and momentum.

Resource Trends
View a graphical representation of the trends in resources downloaded by users.

Regular Reporting
Receive weekly or monthly reports tracking trends such as top privacy management activities viewed, top resources opened, recent updates, and new content added.


Save Time on Privacy Management
Select from the hundreds of sample policies and procedures, annotations, checklists, guides, and real-world examples to quickly enhance organizational privacy management.

Operationalize Compliance
Embed privacy management in business and operational practices, including marketing, procurement, product development, audits, human resources, IT, and vendor management.

Obtain Funding and Other Resources
Obtain buy-in, funding and resources for privacy management activities with helpful business cases.

Reduce Privacy Risk
Effectively implement privacy management, ensure ongoing compliance, and ultimately reduce risk.

Do More with Fewer Resources
Easily support the needs of operational and business units looking for privacy guidance.

Demonstrate Compliance Best Practices at Annual Reviews
Show that your organization is taking advantage of the latest privacy management best practices during annual reviews.



  •   New privacy officers or DPOs responsible for creating privacy management in their
  •   Seasoned privacy officers or DPOs who want to expand or enhance privacy management
    in their organization


Achieve and Maintain GDPR Compliance with Nymity Templates™

Organisations operating in the EU have until May 25th, 2018 to achieve compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). At that time, they will be required to maintain ongoing compliance and to demonstrate compliance.

Nymity helps organisations operationalise and document compliance by providing the resources to implement and maintain the necessary safeguards. The Nymity Templates™ GDPR Add-On provides:

Article-by-Article Review
Every article of the GDPR is analysed to determine which privacy management actions are required.

Templates for New Privacy Management Activities
Access downloadable resources for every article that requires actions for ongoing compliance.

Augmentation Templates
Download resources to augment privacy management to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Documentation of Operationalised Compliance
Generate documentation that can be used as evidence for demonstrating compliance.

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Build or Enhance Your Privacy Program with over 700 Practical and Downloadable Documents

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