Quickly build or enhance privacy management throughout the organization with Nymity Templates™.


The privacy office uses Nymity Templates™ for one or more of these purpose: Operationalize Ongoing Compliance, Structured Privacy Management, Putting Accountability into Practice, Evidence Generation, and Annual Reviews with Evidence.

Ideal for:

  • New Privacy Officers or DPOs responsible for creating privacy management in their organization
  • Seasoned Privacy Officers or DPOs who want to expand or enhance privacy management in their organization

Key Benefits:

Save Time on Privacy Management

With over 700 downloadable expert resources associated with 130+ privacy management activities, select from the hundreds of sample policies and procedures, annotations, checklists, guides, and real-world examples to quickly enhance organizational privacy management.

Embed Privacy Management throughout Organizations

Embed privacy management in business and operational practices, for example, in marketing, procurement, product development, audit, human resources, IT, and vendor management.

Operationalized Compliance

One of the ultimate outcomes of implementing and maintaining privacy management throughout the organization is it helps ensure ongoing compliance.

Reduce more Risk

Effectively implement privacy management, ultimately reducing organizational privacy risk and helping to ensure ongoing compliance. Nymity Templates™ allows organizations to do more with fewer resources.

Expertise When it is Required

The privacy office can easily support operational and business units looking for privacy guidance in the form of augmenting a policy, procedure, or even a data processing practice.

Annual Reviews

Ongoing privacy management requires the review of privacy management activities, typically on an annual basis to ensure the organization is taking advantage of the latest best-practices.

Logical Setup and Intuitive Navigation

Nymity Templates™ is structured against the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ which is used by organizations to help structure or strategically plan privacy management. All 700+ resources are associated with specific privacy management activities that relate to categories of privacy management such as “governance” and “data inventory”.

Structured Privacy Management

Structured with over 130 privacy management activities within 13 privacy management categories, Nymity Templates™ provides a comprehensive framework for privacy management.

Easy to Use
Each of the 130+ privacy management activities includes:


The scope field provides a definition of the privacy management activity, what it consists of, and what is not included.

Business Case

The business case explains the value of the organization engaging in the privacy management activity and can be used by you in your discussions with your organization’s privacy sponsor to secure resources and funding for the activity, and obtain buy-in to the process.

Related Activities

This section provides a list of other privacy management activities that either are pre-requisites, i.e., they logically should be implemented before the current privacy management activity, or are complementary, i.e., they complement the current activity and can be done simultaneously or following the current activity to leverage resources and momentum. Rationales are provided explaining why you may wish to also implement those privacy management activities.

Downloadable Resources

For each privacy management activity, Nymity Templates™ provides practical downloadable documents such as spreadsheets, checklists, case studies, template policies and procedures, real world samples, and videos. The documents are designed to be samples and can be customized to suit your specific purposes.

Revision History

This section provides a history of updates performed on the selected privacy management activity. For example, when new resources are added or an existing downloadable resource is updated, a revision is added to the list explaining the change and providing a date. This way, users can see if any changes have taken place since first using the document.

Search Feature

To search for and download within Nymity Templates™, simply enter a keyword(s) e.g. "notice", "third-parties", or "Risk". A list of relevant documents will be listed for viewing or downloading.

Resource Trends

At-a-glance, see a graphical representation of the trends in resources downloaded by Nymity Templates™ users.


Receive weekly or monthly reports tracking trends such as:

  • Top privacy management activities viewed by users
  • Top downloadable resources opened by users
  • Recent updates and new content added in the past month

Where to Get Started

For organizations at the early stages of privacy management, a structured approach is provided for getting started with privacy management.

Support and Training by Experts

Simply contact us via LiveChat, phone support, or email support and speak with the Nymity Customer Success Team, which consists of experienced privacy and data protection professionals.

The following are example use cases that provide information on how organizations use Nymity Templates™ and the justification necessary to implement:

  1. Operationalize Ongoing Compliance

    For many, if not all privacy offices, the question of how to enhance current privacy management is a difficult one to answer. This is especially true when compliance is the desired outcome as there is little detailed guidance for privacy management available. Plus, there are no structured privacy management frameworks available that go beyond privacy principles and focus on effective ongoing privacy management and compliance.
    View Business Case

  2. Putting Accountability into Practice

    Increasingly, privacy officers and DPOs desire to move the responsibility for privacy management to the operational and business units that actually process personal data in practice. This is often a challenge as the operational and business units do not have privacy expertise themselves, thus, making it difficult to move responsibility and make them accountable for privacy.
    View Business Case

  3. Evidence Generation

    There are increasing demands to demonstrate compliance and effective privacy management. This demand is coming from management, legal, audit, or external stakeholders such as privacy regulators. The challenge is how to substantiate such demonstration. Some form of documentation is required.
    View Business Case

  4. Annual Reviews with Evidence

    One of the challenges for the privacy office is to keep its privacy management up-to-date. It is difficult to review existing privacy management without some best-practices to compare against. Even organizations with mature privacy management embedded throughout the organization struggle with an approach that would allow for a structured review.
    View Business Case

Organisations operating in the EU have until May 25th 2018 to achieve compliance with the GDPR. At that time, they will be required to maintain ongoing compliance and to demonstrate compliance. Controllers and processors help these organisations operationalise and document compliance, in other words, maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures. The Nymity Templates™ GDPR Add-On:

  • provides organisations the resources to implement and maintain the necessary safeguards based on cost of implementation, taking into account the context, purposes, and risks
  • reduces the cost of implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures, including, policies taking into account the nature, scope, contact, and purposes
  • helps controllers implement appropriate technical and organisational measures for ensuring privacy by design and privacy by default
  • helps organisations produce the documentation and records necessary to demonstrate compliance
  • provides resources to ensure processors assist controllers with the appropriate technical and organisational measures for the fulfilment of the controller’s obligations

GDPR Article by Article Review
Every article of the GDPR is analysed to determine what privacy management actions are required. Specific resources are then provided to operationalise compliance with the GDPR.

GDPR Templates for New Privacy Management Activities
For every article that requires privacy management actions to achieve ongoing compliance, Nymity Templates™ provides downloadable resource(s) such that the organisation can successfully implement GDPR compliant privacy management.

Augmentation GDPR Templates
For many of the GDPR articles, the organisation will already have the base privacy management activity implemented. Thus, Nymity Templates™ provides specific downloadable resource(s) to augment privacy management to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Document Operationalised Compliance
In the end, GDPR requires the demonstration of compliance. With Nymity Templates™, by operationalising compliance there is documentation that can be used as evidence for demonstrating compliance.

For controllers and processors that implement Binding Corporate Rules, Nymity Templates™ provides the resources to operationalise BCRs throughout the organisation.

DPO Resources or Resourcing
Regardless of whether the controller’s strategy for the DPO is to take a proactive privacy management role or to take a more traditional monitoring and consultative role, Nymity Templates™ is an effective solution for the DPO or for the controllers to establish a DPO.



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