Free Trial of Nymity's Privacy Solutions

Nymity offers an extensive range of accountability, risk, and compliance privacy solutions. These solutions empower the privacy office to improve privacy management, for any organization.

  • Nymity Attestor™*: Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance (*Demo only);
    • Watch a demonstration of Attestor™ features and learn how organizations use the tool to embed privacy throughout the organization and report to stakeholders. Contact Nymity to arrange a custom webinar for your team to help you understand how Attestor™ can solve your privacy challenges.
  • Nymity Benchmarks™: Privacy Program Comparison;
  • Nymity LawTables™: Rules of Law On-Demand;
  • Nymity MoFoNotes®*: Summary Analysis of Privacy Laws (*Demo only);
  • Nymity Research™: The Definitive Source for Privacy Compliance;
  • Nymity Planner™: Plan, Build, and Manage Organizational Privacy;
  • Nymity ExpertPIA™: The Next Generation in Accountability Based Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA/DPIA)
  • Nymity ExpertMapping™: Headline Accountability Based Solutions for Process Data Inventory and Data Mapping
  • Nymity Templates™: Privacy Templates and Checklists

One of Nymity's Privacy Specialists will contact you to schedule an appointment for a free trial* or demo, depending on your requirements. Apply now, and learn how Nymity can help you to further increase the effectiveness of your privacy program!


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