Clearly Demonstrate Accountability
and Compliance

Nymity Attestor

Clearly Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance


Empower your privacy office to report with confidence. Nymity Attestor™ delivers quantitative and qualitative analysis to demonstrate compliance backed by evidence.

The leading privacy software for global data privacy accountability, use Nymity Attestor™ for:

  • Achieving compliance using a structured privacy framework
  • Monitoring privacy management activities and managing risk
  • Reporting to senior management
  • Demonstrating compliance and accountability to regulators
  • Maintaining a library of policies, procedures, processes and training materials




Efficient Collaboration Tools
Collaborate with simple ‘yes/no’ questions and provide supporting evidence. Responsibility is distributed, giving the privacy office the bandwidth to monitor and interpret results.

Pre-loaded out-of-the-box questions
Configure your questionnaires using pre-written questions, created and enhanced over many years by our experienced implementation team.

Accountability Scorecard
Report on the status of your privacy program by generating quantitative metrics supported by evidence using the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™.

Powerful Reporting Functionality
Take a high-level view of your privacy program, or drill down into the details. Adjust the data to reflect your organization's unique risk profile and priorities to provide an accurate perspective.

Complete Global Coverage
Map evidence collected in the Accountability Scorecard to over 550 global compliance rules based on 13 privacy management categories to determine if your program satisfies requirements or contains gaps.


Understand Requirements and Report with Confidence
Produce on-demand, powerful, and easy to interpret reports on the status of your privacy program, both at an executive and a detailed level.

Show Results Backed by Evidence
Generate reports based on empirical data – both quantitative and qualitative.

Review Evidence Based on Context
Determine not only if your organization is compliant, but how it manages that compliance, as well as privacy risk, and alignment with business objectives and ethics.

Reduce Risk with Rules of Law Updated Daily
Nymity Attestor™ is powered by the global Rules Library within Nymity LawTables™, updated daily by Nymity’s research team of privacy professionals.

Achieve More
The Nymity approach to demonstrating compliance expands the capacity of your privacy office, by making it simple for individuals throughout your organization to support your compliance efforts.



  •   Privacy offices worldwide
  •   Law firms with privacy and data protection practices
  •   Privacy consulting firms and data security practices



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Clearly Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance

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