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Privacy and Compliance White Papers

Our white papers provide insight on Nymity methodologies for analyzing regulatory privacy risk, privacy laws and regulations, and demonstrating compliance.

Privacy Regulatory Risk Methodology™

Privacy Regulatory Risk Methodology

Nymity’s methodology for measuring regulatory privacy risk

This white paper provides formulations to empirically measure regulatory privacy risk, a process to contextualize intra-organizational risk factors, and statistical rankings of privacy risk management priorities.
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Privacy Reference Analysis Methodology™

Privacy Reference Analysis Methodology

Nymity's methodology for analyzing privacy compliance documents

This white paper provides a proven process to analyze compliance documents and insight as to how Nymity conducts research on the compliance documents made available in Nymity’s privacy solutions.
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Privacy Compliance Attestation Methodology™

Privacy Compliance Attestation Methodology

Why and how responsible organizations demonstrate compliance with privacy laws

This white paper provides a methodology and reasons for demonstrating compliance. This requires two mandatory components: 1) Mapping evidence to rules, and 2) Demonstrating accountability.
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Privacy Rules Categorization  Methodology™

Privacy Rules Categorization Methodology

How Nymity analyzes privacy laws, regulations, codes, standards, and rule sources

This white paper reviews Nymity’s Privacy Rules Categorization Methodology™ and provides readers with a proven process to analyze privacy laws. It also provides insight in Nymity LawReports™ and Nymity PrivaWorks®.
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