World’s first solution with an inventory of policies and procedures that govern the processing of personal data.




Report to the regulator that appropriate technical and organizational measures are in place, up-to-date and in compliance. In some jurisdictions this is a legal obligation (Ex. GDPR).



Fully utilize policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms to further govern the processing of personal data.



Present an accountability risk profile to management including trends and opportunities.



Visualize and communicate the jurisdictional risk related to the compliance status of existing policies and procedures and identify high value opportunities to implement new policies and procedures

Assess the impact of new laws on existing policies and procedures and, where appropriate, create recommendations for enhancements

Develop an accountability inventory of policies and procedures



Map and calibrate legal obligations directly to the appropriate policies and procedures to create action plans to enhance any gaps identified.

Document laws that govern processing of personal data for the organization ranked by operational impact to processing personal data.



New laws added immediately while existing laws are updated as soon as there is a change in that law.


Alerts are sent when new laws or changes occur in the jurisdictions to which the business operates


Policy status can be adjusted after review of new laws or changes in laws and enhancements documented and prioritized


Motivation structure to help organizations to better use existing policies and procedures


Historical trending showing both an increase in accountability and an increase of legal coverage of the accountability infrastructure


Advanced visualizations of accountability coverage


Action items including tasks and recommendations


Accountability ownership reporting including outstanding tasks


Support for annual review of policy and procedure coverage resulting in a relative calibration going up or down


Facilitates embedding privacy controls into existing policies and procedures

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