There are four key reasons why leading companies choose Nymity:


Reduce Complexity

Structured privacy management = faster compliance.

We make it simpler.

Engaged Business Users

Engage the business for very short durations by keeping their activities simple and holding them accountable.

Reduce Restrictions on Processing

Enable the business to process more personal data with compliance advice that does not place unnecessary restrictions due to incomplete or inadequate information.

Direction-Based Assessments

Focus on embedding accountability into new processing practices during an assessment, reducing the burden on the business and the approver.

Dynamic Workflows

There are thousands of possible life cycles of a data subject request making linear workflows useless. Dynamic workflows dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete requests.


Simple Taxonomies

Simplify the language of purposes, data types, risks, data subject and the vast terminology of privacy compliance when communicating with internal or external stakeholders.

Engaged Privacy Champions

Keep them engaged with awareness knowledge transfers to help ensure they champion privacy in the business.

Mature Program in Months

Embed structured privacy management across the organization and achieve demonstrable accountability with operational templates and other resources.

1000+ Laws Made Simple with Structured Knowledge

Summary analysis, structured comparisons, triggered notifications, all ensure that understanding privacy compliance obligations are made timely and simple.

Purchase Protection

If for some reason you purchase a solution that is no longer a priority, simply switch to another of the Nymity solutions.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have a person to contact to ask questions or get help on any of Nymity’s solutions.

Unlimited Support

Email, chat, phone support plus proactive training on Nymity’s solutions.

Quality Assurance and Best Practices

At any time you would like a review of how you are using our solutions to gain insight into best practices, simply schedule a Solution Success Review.


Push Knowledge

Knowledge when you need it. Eliminate searches.

We remove the guesswork.

Recognize Risks with Compliance Warnings

When conducting an assessment, real time compliance warnings are generated to help ensure you see privacy risks early.

DSR Annotations When They are Needed

Legal obligations are presented as you go through the life cycle of a data subject requests with no searching required.

Pre-screening Compliance Reviews Alerts

When an assessment is submitted for approval, an automatic compliance review is completed and emailed to the approver.

Map-Based Compliance Alerts

When legal obligations change in your countries of responsibility, a new compliance map is emailed to you – no searching required.


Risk Profile Notifications

Be informed of any major changes in your risk profile either because of new processing of personal data or new external regulatory risks.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Alerts

Stay informed on your privacy program and data subject requests to meet your KPIs.

Stay Informed

Compliance updates daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preferences in the email itself or in an attached report.

Likely High-Risk Notification

Be informed when processing may result in being deemed high risk according to the law and regulators.


Build engagement and knowledge with your privacy champions and any stakeholder where privacy knowledge will enhance corporate objectives.


Privacy Frameworks

De facto standards for privacy management.

We enable structured privacy management.

Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™

Used by thousands of companies as their framework for privacy management, it contains over 130 privacy management activities organized in 13 categories. Download and use today.

Nymity Data Processing Purposes Framework™

Over 400 data processing purposes organized in 33 categories.

Nymity Privacy Controls Framework™

Over 240 actual privacy controls organized into 20 categories.

Nymity Personal Data Types Framework™

Over 500 known personal data types structure in 15 categories and 48 subcategories.


Nymity Risk and Benefits Framework™

Containing risk to processing personal data, harms to individuals, and benefits to individuals, this framework covers all known privacy risks. Over 90 risks/benefits in 13 categories.

Nymity Legal Grounds Framework™

Over 30 legal grounds structured in 2 categories.

Nymity Recipient and Data Subject Framework™

Over 150 types of individuals in 2 categories.

Nymity Likely High-Risk Framework™

Over 1000 DPIA triggers structured in 4 categories and 3 sub-categories.

Nymity Legitimate Interest Framework™

Over 230 legitimate interests identified in 2 categories.


Integration by Design

Integrated research, frameworks & APIs.

We deliver integrated solutions.

Unlimited APIs Integrations

Easily integrate Nymity solutions with your other applications.

Advance API Integrations

License the Nymity content to integrate into other 3rd-party or in-house solutions and create your own smart applications.

Single Sign On - Out of the Box

Standard for the platform.

Unlimited In-Take Forms

Integrate with your website or any location to where intake forms would be of value.


Cross- Platform Learning

Knowledge gained in one solution is automatically integrated with other solutions insuring cross-platform expert solutions.

Integrated Taxonomy

Create a custom processing taxonomy based on your own terminology based on the Nymity Frameworks for processing including purposes, data types, retention periods, etc.

Integrated Accountability Mechanisms (Controls)

Attributes and historical use of your policies, procedures, controls that govern the processing of personal data are integrated across the platform of solutions.

Integrated Knowledge with Management Solutions

Every subscriber has integrated knowledge in all solutions via our “knowledge when it is need approach” to solutions development.


Featuring Success Stories of Privacy Superheroes

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