Maximize your success using Nymity’s solutions

Who We Are

Customer Success is a team of experienced privacy and regulatory compliance professionals dedicated to ensuring our subscribers maximize their success using Nymity’s solutions.

How We Help

Nymity’s Customer Success team strives to deliver training and support that meets the subscriber’s specific and immediate needs. Initial training occurs after subscribing to the Nymity solution. Training is customized based on the subscriber’s objectives for using the solution. Follow-up training is offered six weeks after initial training and as needed. Customer Success also offers video tutorials, user guides and on-going support.

How You Can Reach Us

+1 647.260.6230 (Ext. 268)
Toll Free: +1 866.369.6489
Monday to Friday 5:30 am – 8:00 pm (ET)

After Logging into Nymity Tools™

We have built-in features that will provide you with on-going support throughout each of our privacy management solutions. Our Live Chat is available Monday to Friday from 5:30 am – 8:00 pm (ET). You can also email a question to our customer success team or reference one of our User Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Customer Success

When would I contact Customer Success?
The Customer Success team is available to assist current and prospective subscribers with questions or challenges as they arise, such as:

  • Logging into a subscribed Nymity solution.
  • Help needed using a Nymity solution.
  • Scheduling training on a subscribed Nymity solution.
  • Guidance in searching for a specific subject, business activity or rule of law using a subscribed Nymity solution.
  • Assistance building maps, tables and/or charts on Nymity’s relevant privacy and related legal References.
Is there an additional cost for Customer Success support and/or training?
Support and/or training by the Customer Success team is part of your subscription to one or more of the Nymity solutions.
Does Customer Success provide subscriber-customized support and/or training?
For our subscribers, a member of the Customer Success team may be available to develop and deliver customized support. There would be a supplemental fee, which would be determined based on the requirements of the subscriber. Some examples of customized support and/or training would be:

  • Creating an employee newsletter on privacy-related matters for the subscriber’s organization.
  • Building management trending reports based on the organization’s industry and privacy-related obligations.
  • Creating and maintaining compliance maps for specific business activities within specified countries and/or geographical regions.
  • Developing tables for specific rules of law, related to business activities impacting the subscriber’s organization.
  • Individual and group on-site training.
What if I am interested in learning more about a Nymity solution to which I am not yet subscribed?
Sometimes during training or support, Customer Success may identify a Nymity solution that would be helpful to the subscriber. Other times, a subscriber may ask about a Nymity solution to which they have not subscribed. In both instances, Customer Success will refer the subscriber to a member of the solutions team.

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