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TrustArc Acquires Nymity


Featuring Success Stories of Privacy Superheroes

Why Nymity?


Reduce Complexity

Structured privacy management = faster compliance.

We make it simpler.


  1. Assessments approved up to 4X faster with our business-friendly approach
  2. Data subject requests completed in as little as 1/5 the time
  3. Simple comparisons of multiple laws saving hours or even days of work

Push Knowledge

Knowledge when you need it. Eliminate searches.

We remove the guesswork.


  1. Compliance warnings during an assessment
  2. Legal annotations during each workflow step in a Data Subject Request
  3. Compliance maps emailed to you when there is a change in law

Privacy Frameworks

De facto standards for privacy management.

We enable structured privacy management.


  1. Quickly build a comprehensive privacy program plan
  2. Enable a data processing taxonomy for processing purposes and data types
  3. Enhance internal communications through a common language and structure
integrated design

Integration by Design

Integrated research, frameworks & APIs.

We deliver integrated solutions.


  1. Single sign-on (SSO) and API-based integrations for 3rd party applications
  2. Custom intake forms for data subject requests
  3. Research and Privacy Frameworks built into the platform from the ground up

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