Interpreting the Most Reviewed Privacy Stories of the Last Year: Plan and Respond for 2015

Date: January 29, 2015

What Does Our Privacy Research Mean For Privacy Officers in the Trenches?

Privacy officers are increasingly challenged to filter and stay on top of all privacy developments in an ever-changing regulatory environment. To help connect the dots between privacy research and future planning, Nymity is introducing a newly developed Privacy Research Report highlighting the most viewed privacy stories last year.

Join our leading privacy experts for insight on what privacy professionals around the world found to be of interest and what they mean for 2015. The executive research briefing will include analysis on:

  • Top privacy issues by Region: NA, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America
  • Top global enforcement actions
  • Top issue by industry (e.g. Insurance, consultancies, telecommunications, financial, healthcare, retail, internet)
  • Top privacy studies globally

This informal briefing will provide privacy professionals the opportunity to:

  • Learn essential information on the most reviewed privacy research of interest for other privacy professionals and lessons learned
  • Gain insight into establishing your operational privacy priorities for the upcoming year.


Teresa Troeser Falk

Teresa Troester Falk
Chief Global Privacy Strategist, Nymity

Constantine Karbaliotis

Constantine Karbaliotis
Vice President of Privacy Office Solutions, Nymity

John Jager

John Jager
Vice President, Research Methodology, Nymity


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