Preparing for the GDPR: Attaining and Demonstrating Compliance

How will you comply with the GDPR? What approach will you take? What resources will you need and where will they come from?

Join us for this virtual discussion to hear an accountability approach for attaining and maintaining GDPR compliance through the “appropriate technical and organisational measures” required by Article 24. Help your organisation get a running start by: understanding what accountability infrastructure is in place, identifying the gaps needing remediation, creating strategies for prioritizing; and then knowing how to resource activities that will enable and maintain GDPR compliance. Also to be covered — how existing technical and organisational measures can be mapped to GDPR articles to help achieve another obligation found in Article 24, and, “the ability to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with the Regulation.”

What you’ll take away:

  • How to identify the “appropriate technical and organisational measures” required by Article 24
  • How to address the accountability requirements in the GDPR
  • An approach to meet the obligation found in Article 24, “the ability to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with the Regulation"
Download Webinar Presentation
Download Webinar Presentation


Bojana Bellamy

Bojana Bellamy
President, Hunton & Williams LLP's Centre for Information Policy Leadership

Joseph Alhadeff

Joseph Alhadeff
VP, Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Strategist, Oracle


Paul Breitbarth
Director of EU-US Data Protection Projects and former Senior International Officer, Dutch DPA,
Nymity, Netherlands

"The Nymity approach and the Tools can be used to demonstrate compliance and to manage the Privacy Program for many different laws and mechanisms, other than the GDPR." - Bojana Bellamy

"Nymity Tools can help your organization in terms of creating the organizational construct, they help you put everything in place, and they let you know what you haven’t done yet." - Joseph Alhadeff

"If the DPA calls for an investigation or audit of your organization the documentation that is collected with the Nymity Tools doesn’t only show the DPA what you are doing, but also all the underlining decisions; these are vital when talking to the DPA because they also want to know why you are doing what you’re doing." - Paul Breitbarth

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