Using Nymity Attestor™ to Measure and Report on Privacy Management WEBINAR

Date: August 18, 2015

Organizations seeking to embed privacy management throughout the organization, and measure the effectiveness of the implementation of their privacy program should attend this webinar.

Join us to learn how multinational organizations across the world and across industries are using Nymity Attestor™ to answer the question: is our privacy management program designed to not only meet compliance requirements but to process data responsibly?

Attestor automates the Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard for demonstrating accountability by monitoring, measuring, and reporting ongoing privacy management activities. The webinar will highlight key features of the software solution and how it is put into practice. By the end of this webinar you’ll be equipped with an understanding of the goals for demonstrating accountability and a high level understanding of the Nymity Attestor™ solution.


  1. Understand the key concepts and goals of demonstrating privacy accountability;
  2. Learn how the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard can be automated
  3. Discover the key features and capabilities of Nymity Attestor™


Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid
Director of EU Privacy Solutions, Nymity


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