Hong Kong Accountability Benchmarking Micro-Study WEBINAR

Date: June 30, 2015

This recorded webinar includes the presentation and commentary on the results of the Hong Kong Accountability Benchmarking Micro-Study, a collaboration between the Office of The Privacy Commissioner of Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) and Nymity.

The Study reveals that organizations in Hong Kong have made significant strides in proactively embracing privacy and data protection as part of their corporate governance responsibilities, shifting from compliance to accountability.

Nicola Tang, Senior Personal Data Officer (PCPD), Hong Kong and Nymity’s Chief Global Privacy Strategist Teresa Troester-Falk presented the results of the Study, which was based on the analysis of the aggregated data from the targeted organizations that baselined their privacy management programs using the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ and Nymity’s automated benchmarking tool, “Nymity Benchmarks™.”

Please download a copy of the Nymity Hong Kong Accountability Benchmarking Micro-Study Report prior to viewing the video.

This webinar is eligible for 0.5 CPE credit toward all IAPP certifications.



The concept of "accountability" has become a dominant theme in global data privacy law, policy, and organizational practices, and is considered fundamental to effective data privacy management. Increasingly, the term embodies what regulators expect of responsible organizations and more and more privacy laws are incorporating the concept as a matter of legal compliance.

Accountable organizations build, maintain, and demonstrate their privacy management programs to ensure enterprise-wide data protection and stewardship as well as legal compliance. There is now a wealth of data from leading organizations who have built first-class privacy programs as well as many others in various stages of maturity.

Over the past years, Nymity has been developing a methodology to baseline and benchmark the activities and initiatives inherent in privacy management programs. Through the automation of this methodology, we are able to bring the aggregated benchmarking results to you, presenting privacy management programs in organizations all over the world.



Teresa Troester Falk
Chief Global Privacy Strategist, Nymity

The webinar will be led by Nymity's Chief Global Privacy Strategist, Teresa Troester-Falk, who authored the Report and will add insights from over 11 years of experience with building privacy programs.

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