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Learn how the GDPR is being implemented into national law and how the EU Member States make use of the leeway the Regulation provides for national law. Hear about the practical implications of the 26 delegated acts and 22 implementing acts, that could be adopted under the GDPR. Understand the latest from Article 29 Working Party and what is expected leading up to May 25th 2018 when the GDPR will go into effect. Plus, gain perspective on how the future ePrivacy Regulation and Brexit might impact both international and UK based controllers and processors.

Learn how to structure your compliance infrastructure to adapt to the changing compliance landscape and learn how to effectively stay informed and understand the developments in compliance over time.

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  Paul Breitbarth, Nymity Director of EU Certification Research and Senior Solutions Advisor
 and former Senior International Officer, Dutch DPA
  David Smith, Nymity EU Research Advisor and former Deputy Commissioner and
 Director of Data Protection Information Commissioners Office, UK
  Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, pdpEcho
  Sven Hermerschmidt, Head of Unit 11, Office of the German Federal Commissioner for
 Data Protection and Freedom of Information
  Dominique Hagenauw, Senior Legal Consultant, Considerati

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