13 Advanced GDPR Compliance Webinars

The goal of this webinar series is to go beyond simply explaining the GDPR and its requirements. These webinars are constructed in a way to do a deeper dive on a specific topic relating to the GDPR. This series would equip Privacy Officers with advanced knowledge, case studies, tools, and techniques to deal with complex requirements within the GDPR. The focus of the webinar series will be implementing the GDPR, and therefore, prior knowledge on the GDPR is required to fully benefit from these sessions.

Beyond compliance to the GDPR, these sessions focus on developing and implementing privacy programs that are sustainable and adaptable to future changes in the requirements or new laws. Nymity has been working with Regulators all over Europe to understand their requirements for demonstrating compliance; this series will also include sharing of some learnings from this ongoing research.

Recorded Webinars:

Does the GDPR Require a Data Inventory? Answer: No - View Recording

Does the GDPR Require PIAs? Answer: Only Sometimes - View Recording

A Time-Saving Method to Prioritise your GDPR Compliance - View Recording

GDPR and the Nymity Accountability Framework Advisory Forumâ„¢ - View Recording

Consent and the GDPR - View Recording

Less than a year until GDPR Compliance - Trends and Analysis from Real-world Activity - View Recording

Data Mapping for GDPR Compliance - View Recording

Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators - View Recording

Leverage your GDPR compliance efforts to support BCRs - View Recording

Lessons Learned from International DPA Conference in Hong Kong - View Recording

Certify your Privacy Program: Why and How? - View Recording

Future Proof Your GDPR Compliance - View Recording

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