GDPR Article 30: Are You Ready for the New Records of Processing Activities Requirements?

In three months, new legal requirements will come into play. Organisations will be required to maintain a record of data processing activities under the GDPR. Are you ready?

Join our Webinar:

Date: February 22, 2018  
Time: 10:00 am (EST)

78% of Organizations Have Not Completed Their Records of Processing Requirements*
This webinar will start with a look at your legal obligations under Article 30 of the GDPR including the Regulator perspective and the rationale behind the creation of Article 30. Next, we will discuss how a processing-based inventory better aligns with legal requirements and business operations and practices and will turn GDPR article 30 reporting into an outcome.

This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE Credit.

In this Webinar, you will discover:

  • What are the legal requirements for records of processing under the GDPR;
  • The best way to maintain comprehensive internal records of data processing activities and mitigate risk;
  • The power of focusing on purposes of data processing and how to leverage your existing policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms and save resources by combining DPIAs and Records of Processing Activities requirements (using Nymity ExpertPIA™ );
  • How to visually document data processing activities and demonstrate GDPR compliance (using Nymity ExpertMapping™); and

In the final portion of the webinar, we will be showcasing the features and benefits of the above resources. Find out how they can help privacy offices with critical records of processing solutions for GDPR compliance.

*Data from Nymity Benchmarking™



Paul Breitbarth

Paul Breitbarth
Director of Strategic Research and Regulator Outreach and former Senior International Officer,
Dutch DPA

Amalia Barthel

Amalia Barthel
Implementation Advisor, Nymity Privacy Management Solutions and former Privacy Manager, Big Fours, Health and Finance/FinTech

Stephen McCartney

Stephen McCartney
Director of Privacy
for Europe,
Pearson Global

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