Cut your risk in half with the World’s first comprehensive risk index profiling solution.



Visualize and communicate your processing risk profile based on many factors including purposes of processing, data types, legal grounds of data transfers, legal obligations and jurisdictions


Show business the processing taxonomy profile providing management with an operational view of privacy risk


Go back two years to understand, visualize and report the historical privacy risk and trends.


Customize the out-of-the-box processing risk attributes that create the risk profile including jurisdiction, processing volumes, purposes of processing, data types, data subjects, cross-borders transfers, use of 3rd-party processors, consumer versus employee, industry, privacy program maturity, legal developments, enforcement and more.


Advise where investments in policies, procedures, controls, training, PIAs and other accountability mechanism should be deployed and maintained

Demonstrate accountability by showing the appropriate policies, procedure and other accountability mechanisms have been applied to the higher risk profiles.


Justify privacy budgets, additional business engagement and the necessary resources for effective privacy risk management based on the latest trends and changes in the organization privacy risk profile.


Use simple visualizations in training materials to further advance the importance of privacy risk management and the privacy program

Use the privacy risk profile as the foundational structure for organizing and motivating Privacy Champions.

Demonstrate benefits to consumers and employees of processing their personal data.



Clear visualizations of risk


Calibrated risk data


Documentation to engage Risk and Audit teams


Board reporting outputs built in


Leverage Nymity’s ongoing detailed research


Quickly customize to unique risk factors at your organization


Training materials to further advance the importance of privacy risk management and the privacy program


Justification for increased privacy budgets and headcount


Contextualize both the value of processing personal data and the risks

Learn more how you can track your business risk using a simple profile