The simplest data inventories in the industry generate clear ROI for the business.

Business Friendly Step by Step Inventory

Combined Search and Custom Exportable Reports

Nymity played a pivotal role in harmonizing register of processing activities across the organization. Today, all employees across the organization use the same language, which has saved us significant time and resources. Plus, we were able to import all our legacy data into the Nymity platform.

– Multinational Professional Services & Consulting Corporation, Data Protection Officer

Business Friendly Single Screen Assessments – Example Purposes

Business Friendly Dashboard – With Motivating Visualizations



Increase accuracy by leveraging a taxonomy of purposes, data types, and other common elements enabling the business to select instead of guess the processing attributes


Leverage the Expert system to automatically identify likely high-risk processing according to the laws in the jurisdiction you are collecting or processing personal data.


Register your policies, procedures and other accountability mechanism tied directly with processing records.


Keep terminology in the business terms such that they do not have to become knowledgeable on privacy to simply maintain a records of processing.


Ensure compliance with an expert system that automatically triggers the Privacy Office when a DPIA is required and other processing attributes may be found non-compliant


Stand-ready to report to regulators with reports pre-defined for the regulators generated by the expert system not simple providing a set of answers from a questionnaire.


Save time with turn-key content and smart questions contextualized to jurisdiction, department, product, process and system

Replace time consuming survey-based questionnaire systems with efficient

Leverage a Records of Processing solution that is tightly integrated into other solutions including PIA & DPIA, Data Transfer Risk Mapping, Data Subject Requests, vendor assessments, and more


Increase speed by focusing on key elements that are required for regulatory reporting and risk assessments and leverage expert system functionality to significantly reduce time required by the business.

Reduce the reliance on timely questionnaires by utilizing the power of the expert system


Simplify records of processing by deploying Records of Processing as a central system to all business units with maximum flexibility

Support data subject request by identify processing purposes and processing data

We love how simple and easy to use Nymity is for everyone. We created custom roles with defined access controls for Data Protection Officers across the organization among various countries. Very easy for us to select countries in the tool as it prepopulates details for us, saving time and making tasks straightforward.

– Multinational Professional Services & Consulting Corporation, Data Protection Officer

Customizable Records Register – Support Multiple Business Needs

Regulator Ready Register, for example CNIL (France)

Nymity is simple to deploy, but also scaled effectively for our complex business needs. We recognized the power and potential of the platform right from the onset. Ease-of-use features saved significant time and resources. For example, we are able extract registry of processing activities, and then list them by controller and processor, which previously required multiple steps.

– Private Wealth and Asset Management, DPO



Regulator Ready Reporting


Compel engagement from business for conducting PIAs when necessary


Automatic high-risk triggers to support the approval process


Smart questions, contextualized for each business unit


Fast, flexible setup & deployment across the business and the privacy office


Progress dashboards that encourage business engagement


Identify processing that might be eligible for legitimate interest in jurisdictions that have that legal ground for processing


Identify processing that involve use of Third Party processors and ensure proper policies have been applied


Promote retention periods compliance and identify inconsistencies to policy


Increase accountability reporting leveraging the register containing applied policies and procedures


Accountability mechanism catalogue (Privacy by Design)


DPIA Auto Triggers


On-Demand compliance reporting – Processing Register


Flexible role-based workflows


Automated detection of potential non-compliance cross-border transfers


Automated detection processing of sensitive or special categories of personal data in jurisdictions with restrictions


Automated detection of benefits to consumers and employees when processing their personal data


Approvers can track the progress of records of processing and make recommendations or even tasks

Powerful Accountability Tracking – Quick and Business Friendly

Quick Setup – Out-of-the-box Functions, Example Purposes

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