Cut your privacy program development costs in half with the only Operational Templates Solution built from the ground up for the Privacy Office.

Structured Collection of Templates & Resources

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Ensure effective protocols are in place, monitored, and tested with logs to be used for regulator reporting.


Enhance privacy management with minimal resources with the support and privacy guidance of Nymity’s privacy experts.


Build and maintain a governance structure that ensures demonstrable accountability.


Efficiently produce evidence to show compliance with the large selection of sample policies, procedures, annotations, checklists, guides and more.


Stand ready to support the business with operational expertise on topics including e-mail marketing, hiring practices, interactions with work councils, de-identification of personal data, etc.


Better manage 3rd-party data processors and the privacy risk related to outsourcing


Efficiently download suitable sample policies, procedures, checklists, templates and other resources through built-in suggestions for complementary privacy management activities.

Develop a privacy program with clear guidance from the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ of 130+ privacy activities organized into thirteen categories.


Implement and maintain efficient data subject request practices that are backed by policies and procedures leveraging best-practices. This saves significant time in responding to requests while building a demonstrable and workable DSR compliance process.

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Relevant and customizable resources, including spreadsheets, checklists, case studies, templates, policies, procedures, annotations, guides and real world sample materials


Most extensive library of privacy program operational templates in the World


Preview any of the documents before downloading


Resource revision history that explains why the resource was modified


Guidance from Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ – a structured framework of 130+ Privacy Activities organized into thirteen categories 


Resources highlighted for GDPR, LGPD and CCPA


Regular reporting and tracking on privacy management activity trends and resources engaged


Privacy support and guidance from Nymity Privacy Experts including the Research Team


Notifications when new content is added


Company-wide viewable status (Desired, In Progress, Implemented) for relevant Privacy Management Activities


Revision date noted for each Privacy Management Activities

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