Clearly Generate and Compare Rules of Law On-Demand

Generate powerful rules tables, maps, and lists based on the legal requirements of over 550 privacy laws and regulations. Nymity LawTables™ is a sophisticated, web-based privacy law rules engine that is updated daily. Empower your organization with on-demand legal research to support cross-jurisdictional initiatives and compliance. Use Nymity LawTables™ for:

Mapping accountability to compliance
Creating rationalized rules sets
Building tables to demonstrate compliance
Mapping privacy policies and BCRs to laws
Maintaining compliance and reducing risk


Online Investigation of Rules and Customized Rules Tables

Investigate rules dynamically using expert filters, and quickly create rules tables based on multiple criteria customized for your countries.


Instant Drill Down Reports to Rules of Law

At any time, view the actual text of rules in English.

On-Demand Precedents

All rules link to relevant case law and regulator decisions to provide guidance on compliance expectations from authorities.

Complete Global Coverage

With over 550 privacy and data protection laws, regulations, and codes, Nymity strives to meet 100% coverage.

Customizable Compliance Heat Maps

Generate and download compliance heat maps for presentations and reporting.

Rules Required to Demonstrate Compliance

Understand which rules require evidence to demonstrate compliance and avoid risk.


Quickly Understand Requirements Across Jurisdictions

Identify common legal requirements across jurisdictions, as well as jurisdictions with additional requirements (outliers).

Reduce Risk with Rules of Law Updated Daily

Never work with incomplete or outdated information. Nymity’s rules library is maintained by a research team of privacy professionals dedicated to ensuring the information is accurate and complete.

Maintain Compliance

Map your privacy management program to rules of law that require evidence.

Obtain and Share Key Information Instantly

View the actual text of the rule, in English, with on-demand drill downs. Easily send a copy to other stakeholders in the organization.

Earn CPE Credits

Use Nymity LawTables to earn CPE credits. Credits are calculated based on a proprietary, confidential algorithm created in co-operation with Nymity and the IAPP. Some restrictions apply.


I am current subscriber customer of Nymity PrivaWorks® - why has Nymity LawTables™ been developed?

Some Nymity PrivaWorks® subscribers have requested the ability to create tables, a function that is not available in PrivaWorks®. Nymity conducted a deep needs analysis of its subscribers to determine the actual business drivers and requirements for tables. Based on feedback from subscribers, Nymity developed the new solution Nymity LawTables™.

Is Nymity LawTables™ available for PrivaWorks Customers?

Yes, the functionality provided in Nymity LawTables™ is not included within PrivaWorks and is provided to PrivaWorks subscribers as a complementary solution. PrivaWorks customers should also consider upgrading their PrivaWorks subscription to the Nymity Research™ solution.

Does Nymity offer consulting services?

No, Nymity does not offer consulting. This is a common question, as Nymity has a large team of privacy lawyers, former privacy officers, and compliance professionals. Nymity assists customers with the implementation of our solutions, and sometimes conducts research – typically with privacy and data protection authorities.

How often are the laws updated?

The Nymity LawTables™ knowledgebase is updated every day with new laws/regulations and changes to laws and regulations. Nymity has a dedicated team of privacy and data protection experts who constantly monitor changes in law ensuring an up-to-date source for subscribers.

I would only like summary charts and tables - is Nymity LawTables™ the right solution for me?

The Nymity Research™ solution is the best solution that meets this criteria as it contains summary tables, plus summary maps, indexes, and studies. There is no need to subscribe to Nymity LawTables™ if you are already a subscriber to the Nymity Research™ solution.

Do I need to subscribe to the Nymity Research™ solution to use LawTables™?

No, however, it is recommended, as every privacy office can benefit from the Nymity Research™ solution to meet the ever-changing privacy compliance expectations.

Is Nymity LawTables™ a complicated solution?

Nymity LawTables™ is not a complicated solution, but it is sophisticated with its powerful reporting. Therefore, training is recommended for those who wish to optimize their use of Nymity LawTables™ with the most suitable features for their needs.

Does Nymity promote or recommend Law Firms?

We do recommend that our customers work with law firms for compliance and seek help from consulting firms as well, but we do not refer specific lawyers, law firms, or consulting firms. Currently, over 70 law firms and large consulting firms are customers of Nymity.

I am a customer of the new Nymity Research™ Solution - do I need to purchase Nymity LawTables™?

No, users of the new Nymity Research™ solution do not need to subscribe to Nymity LawTables™ when subscribing to Nymity Research™. Nymity LawTables™ is a stand-alone, complementary solution for organizations operating in multiple jurisdictions (The Nymity Research™ solution is for all privacy officers, designed for all research needs). The Nymity Research™ Solution provides direct access to the Nymity LawTables™ Rules Library (including Research References, Breach Index, Maps, Charts, Reports, and other Nymity LawTables™ features).

May I share content available in Nymity LawTables™ within my organization?

Yes, Nymity LawTables™ includes a feature that allows you to easily share content within your organization. For example, a breach management software company could use Nymity LawTables™ within its privacy office and for research purposes, but could not use the Rule tables or any other output in the organization’s commercial offering. It is prohibited to share the output of Nymity LawTables™, and any Nymity solution, outside the subscriber’s organization without written approval from Nymity, as per the terms and conditions.

May I share my account credentials with multiple users?

No, each subscriber requires an account as each subscription is configured to the subscriber’s needs and sharing an account is prohibited by terms and conditions.

Will I be informed of new laws and changes in laws?

Yes, if you are a subscriber of the Nymity Research™ solution you will be provided a Daily Report with new laws and changes in laws.

I would only like summary analysis - is Nymity LawTables™ the right solution?

The Nymity MoFoNotes® solution is the best solution for privacy officers or organizations that only need summary analyses. Nymity MofoNotes® provides summaries and structured analysis of privacy laws, and therefore, there would be no need to subscribe to Nymity LawTables™.

How do I decide between subscribing to Nymity LawTables™ and Nymity MofoNotes®?

Nymity LawTables™ is designed for individuals who wish to read the actual text of the law, whereas Nymity MoFoNotes® is designed for individuals who require a summary of the obligations of the law, written by legal experts at Morrison & Foerster. Organizations often subscribe to both.

Does Nymity rely on external law firms?
Over 70 law firms use Nymity’s solutions to support their compliance needs and assist them in writing abstracts, summary and opinions. Nymity collaborates with privacy experts around the world, but Nymity is not reliant on any 3rd parties for content as it is maintained by our own team of in-house privacy and data protection experts, thereby ensuring up-to-date content in all of our solutions.

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Clearly Generate and Compare Rules of Law On-Demand