Generate PIAs and DPIAs with Greater Speed and Accuracy

Demonstrate compliance with the next generation in privacy impact assessments. Nymity ExpertPIA™ is faster, more accurate, and learns from your past assessments. Our expert privacy software is built on 15 years of in-depth and ongoing compliance research. Use Nymity ExpertPIA™ for:
Mitigating risk by embedding Privacy by Design into every PIA/DPIA
Completing PIAs/DPIAs with higher speed and accuracy
Creating accountability mechanisms
Promoting internal privacy awareness
Meeting GDPR requirements


Powerful Rules Engine

Kept up-to-date with ongoing research and rules, Nymity ExpertPIA can be customized to combine over 50 options, such as jurisdiction, purposes, data type, policy, DPIA triggers, volume and legal grounds.

Auto High-Risk Triggers

Automated criteria trigger the need for a PIA/DPIA, including high-risk triggers as defined by the GDPR. As criteria changes, get notified of previous processing that is impacted by the new criteria.

Comprehensive Reporting

Produces a wide variety of reports, including legal grounds for processing, risk to individuals, data location, data recipients, data subject, retention periods, in addition to regulatory reports, such as GDPR reporting.

Accountability Mechanism Catalogue

Maintains a catalog of all your organization’s policies, procedures, guidelines, and other mechanisms that have been developed to minimize privacy risk.

Accountability Balancing Test

Captures key data necessary to conduct an accountability balancing test when using legitimate interest as legal grounds for processing. For example, every PIA identifies the benefits of processing to individuals, as well as the potential harms that have been mitigated.

4 Levels of Business Engagement

From limited to responsive to engaged to proactive, Nymity ExpertPIA is the only solution designed to support the completion of a PIA/DPIA at all four levels.


Expert System Delivers Higher Speed and Accuracy
Faster and more accurate than manual or other automated solutions, Nymity ExpertPIA™ uses up-to-date research, and the expert system learns from past assessments.
Get Faster Approvals with Privacy by Design (PbD)
Embedding Privacy by Design in a PIA/DPIA prior to the review step mitigates risk up front and makes the approval process 5 to 10 times faster *.
Bridge the Gap Between the Business and Privacy Office
Bridging the knowledge gap between the business that is processing the data and the privacy office, Nymity’s research ensures that content is relevant and comprehensible to all parties completing the PIA/DPIA, significantly increasing accuracy and completeness.
Save Time with Smart Questions
Smart questions are triggered based on an individual’s ability to answer them – contextualized to jurisdiction, department, product, process, and system.
Demonstrate Compliance On-Demand
Create on-demand reports to demonstrate accountability both internally and externally, and maintain compliance.
GDPR Ready
Automates the complicated criteria for conducting a DPIA required by Article 35 of the GDPR.

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Generate PIAs and DPIAs with Greater Speed and Accuracy
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