Visually Document Data Processing Activities and Demonstrate Compliance

Maintain comprehensive internal records of data processing activities and mitigate risk, with the power of Nymity ExpertMapping™ privacy software. Our expert system enables fast and accurate data mapping, as it correlates 100% to regulatory reporting. Use Nymity ExpertMapping™ for:
Maintaining data processing records
Demonstrating where data resides
Standing ready for regulatory inquiries
Meeting GDPR requirements
Mitigating risk



Accountability Data Valuations

Includes a customizable formula to create valuations for the personal data in an organization that can be tracked, visualized, and then reported over time.

Accountability Data Use Strategy

Provides recommendations for appropriate policies, procedures, and other accountability mechanisms that can be applied to one or more projects to further mitigate risk.

4 Levels of Business Engagement

From limited to responsive to engaged to proactive, Nymity ExpertMapping™ is the only solution designed to support data mapping at all four levels of business engagement.

Drill-Down Regulatory Mapping

Enables organizations to match the level of reporting risk to the implementation. For lower-risk countries, reporting can be done at the country level; for higher-risk countries, reporting can be done at a more granular level.

Innovative Proprietary Maps

Delivers traditional data flow mapping, plus innovations such as Proportional Data Maps™, Handoff Data Maps™, Process Benefits Data Maps™, Risk Mitigation Data Maps™, Accountability Data Maps™, and Purpose Data Maps™.

Advanced Reporting Functionality

Generates automated reporting, including regulatory reports related to data location, legal grounds for processing, risk to individuals, DPIA criteria, data recipients, data subject, retention periods and which technical and organizational measures are in use and where.


Easily Respond to Compliance Queries
Utilize functional data mapping and visualization with drill-down compliance support capability to answer questions from the organization, management, and regulators.
Visually Demonstrate Compliance On-Demand
Create on-demand reports to demonstrate accountability both internally and externally, and maintain compliance.
Save Time and Resources
Focus data collection only on what is required.
Receive Valuable Business Insights
Identify specific personal data that will bring the greatest benefit to individuals and the organization, by employing a bottom-up data use strategy.
GDPR Ready
Stand ready to demonstrate compliance for GDPR Article 30 (records of processing activities), and start conversations from a position of knowledge.

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Visually Document Data Processing Activities and Demonstrate Compliance