The World’s first mapping solution designed for data transfer risks that eliminates
the need for traditional data mapping.

Visualize Transfers Geographically

Visualize Transfers Proportionately

Nymity’s Privacy Management Framework, PIA, and Mapping are a key part of our privacy and compliance approach. We’ve built accountability and compliance into our projects to ensure changes carry forward for review, we’ve turned a one-time privacy project to a ongoing privacy program.

– Security & Investigations, DPO



A traditional data mapping solution is no longer required as you can now leverage the records of processing inventory. This saves a significant amount of resources from both the business and the privacy office.


The solution allows you to easily find projects that process personal data, which significantly reduces the time and resources required to respond to data transfer requests


Identify the policies and procedures that govern data transfers and identify gaps in accountability so it is clear where to add more controls to mitigate the risks related to data transfers.


Be able to communicate on-demand to management, and if needed, to a Regulator. This enables quick demonstrations of compliance should there be a necessity to do so as a result of an incident, or an opportunity, such as a new business engagement.


Understand and communicate the volumes of data transfers taking place and risks related to these data transfers globally or by jurisdiction so that the risks are monitored and managed.


Quickly identify & understand your cross-boarder data transfers by purposes of processing data, data types, DPIA, and find the relevant projects to further mitigate risk when necessary.


Isolate risks related to specific legal grounds, for example projects that rely on Privacy Shield, including what business projects rely on that transfer mechanism. This ensures that you understand company exposure to changing legal requirements and regulator expectations.

Nymity’s PIA DPIA was a natural tool to build accountability at the project level providing real benefit to the organization, including strategy to action helping build consensus on priorities, providing definition to the roadmap, and engaging leadership in decision making.

– Global Transportation & Third Party Logistics Company, Director Global Privacy

Filter to Locate Transfers, for example by Department

Support Regulator Reporting, Select that Jurisdiction



Find data transfers specifically for high-risk processing (DPIAs)


Separate employee from consumer data transfers


Compel better engagement for ongoing privacy impact assessments


Create visualizations to increase awareness of privacy risks to employees


Eliminate the need for traditional and hard to maintain data maps


Create data transfer risk profiles with quarterly reporting


Estimate risk exposures for new laws and bills related to data transfers


Isolate transfers based on legal grounds


Easily perform data entry as it is based on records of processing


Regulator ready reports


Isolate business units and/or departments transfers


Monthly management reports


Powerful visualizations


Drill-down GDPR reporting, for example Article 30 and 35


Choose from Geographical, Proportionate or Data Flow maps


Report to the board risk management related to data transfers

Identify Projects, for example Between Jurisdictions

Identify Projects, for example From One Jurisdiction

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