Clearly Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance

Empower your privacy office to report with confidence. Nymity Attestor™ delivers quantitative and qualitative analysis to demonstrate compliance backed by evidence. The leading privacy software for global data privacy accountability, use Nymity Attestor™ for:

Achieving compliance using a structured privacy framework
Monitoring privacy management activities and managing risk
Reporting to senior management
Demonstrating compliance and accountability to regulators
Maintaining a library of policies, procedures, processes and training materials


Efficient Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with simple ‘yes/no’ questions and provide supporting evidence. Responsibility is distributed, giving the privacy office the bandwidth to monitor and interpret results.


Powerful Reporting Functionality

Take a high-level view of your privacy program, or drill down into the details. Adjust the data to reflect your organization’s unique risk profile and priorities to provide an accurate perspective.


Pre-loaded out-of-the-box questions

Configure your questionnaires using pre-written questions, created and enhanced over many years by our experienced implementation team.


Accountability Scorecard

Report on the status of your privacy program by generating quantitative metrics supported by evidence using the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™.

Complete Global Coverage

Map evidence collected in the Accountability Scorecard to over 550 global compliance rules based on 13 privacy management categories to determine if your program satisfies requirements or contains gaps.


Understand Requirements and Report with Confidence

Produce on-demand, powerful, and easy to interpret reports on the status of your privacy program, both at an executive and a detailed level.

Show Results Backed by Evidence

Generate reports based on empirical data – both quantitative and qualitative.

Reduce Risk with Rules of Law Updated Daily

Nymity Attestor™ is powered by the global Rules Library within Nymity LawTables™, updated daily by Nymity’s research team of privacy professionals.

Review Evidence Based on Context

Determine not only if your organization is compliant, but how it manages that compliance, as well as privacy risk, and alignment with business objectives and ethics.

Achieve More

The Nymity approach to demonstrating compliance expands the capacity of your privacy office, by making it simple for individuals throughout your organization to support your compliance efforts.


What support is available to me in implementing and using Nymity Attestor™ to demonstrate accountability and compliance?

All implementations begin with a workshop, on-site at the customers’ offices. In the workshops, Nymity will share best practices and lessons learned from implementing Nymity Attestor™ at organizations across industries and around the world. The purpose of the workshop is not to train users on the software solution. The goal of the workshop is to teach you the Scorecard approach to demonstrating data privacy accountability and devise an effective strategy for a global rollout.

In addition to having direct access to Nymity’s Attestor™ Implementation Team, Nymity provides: user guides, which can be customized with your organization’s corporate slide format and implementation details; numerous free resources such as webinars, white papers, infographics, case studies, videos, etc. found on; access to a network of other privacy officers who have participated in Demonstrating Accountability workshops; custom support such as training videos, further in person meetings, etc. (additional fee may apply)

How long does it take to demonstrate accountability?

On average, organizations complete the implementation phase within 6-8 weeks (this is to demonstrate accountability for the privacy office as well as one reportable unit). When this is the main priority, it can be accomplished in as little as 3 weeks, but for many privacy offices the need to manage multiple priorities and coordinate across time zones makes it difficult to accomplish that quickly.

Is there a free trial available for Nymity Attestor™?

Nymity will be pleased to provide demonstrations of the software within our sample organization, however user trials are not available. Request a free demo >

May my law firm/consulting firm login to the system?

You are in control of user administration for Nymity Attestor™. Many users have found it to be a time-saving and efficient tool for collaboration with outside counsel and consultants.

If I subscribe to Nymity Attestor™, do I also need the Nymity Research™ solution or Nymity LawTables™?

The Rules library within Nymity LawTables™ has comprehensive coverage of privacy laws and regulations across the world. Nymity Attestor™ relies on the same data set but includes only those sections of the law which require you to demonstrate compliance with evidence. For example, the UK Data Protection Act has over 200 Rules (all listed in Nymity LawTables™) but only 31 require Evidence (listed in Nymity Attestor™). Nymity Attestor™ excludes things like definitions, establishing the powers of the commissioner, enforcement, etc. Nymity recommends that Nymity Attestor™ users also subscribe to Nymity LawTables™ and the Nymity Research™ solution in order to fully understand as well as demonstrate compliance with the laws.

How do licenses/users work?

Nymity Attestor™ is available as an annual subscription that is purchased for the organization, rather than by user. Nymity has observed that more users working in Nymity Attestor™ usually leads to greater success. Organization Administrators are trained to add and manage user permissions within the system.

Where is the data stored? Is it secure?

Nymity places great importance on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its customers’ data. All customer data is hosted in a secure data centre in Canada, it is not stored in the public cloud; documentation resides on your systems – only meta data is captured for evidence. Assurance reports (AT 101 SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification) are available for the hosting environment.

Does Nymity offer consulting?

No, Nymity does not offer consulting. We assist organizations in implementing Nymity Attestor™ and in using Nymity solutions to demonstrate accountability. This is a common question, as Nymity has a large team of privacy lawyers, former privacy officers, and compliance professionals. Nymity does get involved in custom research projects, typically with privacy and data protection authorities.

Does Nymity promote or recommend law firms or consulting firms?

We do recommend that our customers work with law firms and seek help from consulting firms as well, but we do not refer specific lawyers, law firms, or consulting firms. Currently, over 70 law firms and large consulting firms are customers of Nymity.

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Clearly Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance