The first monitoring solution that provides demonstrable compliance in half the time.

Visualize Accountability Over Time

Business Friendly Single Screen Engagement

The Assessment & Attestation tool has helped tremendously with carrying out audits quickly and effectively. We also use it to showcase audit results to management and set targets for weeks, months and year to come. With it’s innovative feature-set, Nymity has become a key part of our approach.

– Aeronautic & Aerospace, Privacy Leader



Confidently configure questionnaires using pre-written questions developed by privacy experts

For example, leverage Nymity’s in-depth analysis of 41 articles in the GDPR that require evidence, and identification of the 56-privacy management activities which are mandatory for generating documentation to be used as evidence.


Demonstrate compliance with Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), national laws, and other compliance requirements.

Manage all aspects of the BCR process, beginning with readiness assessment, and throughout the implementation, application, and monitoring phases.


Measure and report on compliance with national laws, APEC cross border privacy rules, and other rule sources such as codes and regulations

Streamline independent monitoring and assessment activities such as internal/external audits


Achieve more with limited resources and expand the capacity of the privacy office by helping them enable and empower individuals throughout the organization to support compliance efforts.

Enable efficient collaboration, by allowing users throughout the organization to answer simple ‘yes/no’ questions and when necessary provide supporting evidence. This provides the privacy office with bandwidth to monitor and interpret results, rather than searching for documentation.


Produce on-demand, powerful, and easy to interpret reports on the status of your privacy program, both at an executive and a detailed level

Demonstrate accountability and compliance, with reports on the status of your privacy programs, generating quantitative metrics supported by evidence using the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard


Map evidence collected in the Accountability Scorecard to 800+ global compliance rules based on thirteen privacy management categories to determine if your program satisfies the requirements or contains gaps.

Automatically map evidence to the GDPR, and enable the privacy office to contextualize evidence in order to demonstrate compliance.

With the Nymity platform, the process of Binding Corporate Rules has been far easier and less time consuming then before. It has also dramatically boosted our agility for demonstrating on-going compliance for local jursidictions.

– Management Services, Chief Privacy Officer

Business Friendly Monthly and On-Demand Reporting

Easily Compare Accountability Over Time

Nymity’s platform is vital to any privacy compliance program. I have confidently promoted Nymity at all the companies I have worked for. I’m a big fan of the platform, it makes my day to day tasks easier and helps the privacy office be more successful overall

– IT & Professional Services, DPO



Powerful reporting functionality – high-level view of the privacy program, or drill-down to the details


Data privacy accountability scorecard


Complete global coverage, map evidence collected in the accountability scorecard


Efficient collaboration tools


Stakeholder engagement workflows


Powered with global Rules library from Nymity’s Law Comparisons module


Library of policies, procedures, processes and training materials


Global compliance program


Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) process


Smart questions, contextualized for each business unit


Fast, flexible setup & deployment across the business and privacy office


Pre-loaded out-of-the-box questions, created by privacy experts


Map evidence to accountability scorecard


Evidence library


Proven compliance assessment methodology

Easily Demonstrate Compliance, for example GDPR

Quickly Conduct Gap Assessment, for example GDPR Implementation Law Norway

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