The Nymity Research™ software solution is the next generation web based compliance research solution offering innovations such as:

  • sophisticated daily custom alerting technology
  • advanced custom push reporting functionality
  • up-to-date Nymity summary analysis reports, tables, charts, maps, studies, frameworks, and indexes

Ideal for:

  • Privacy Officers and the entire privacy office of any organization, anywhere in the world
  • Privacy Lawyers - Law firms with privacy and data protection practices and in-house legal privacy departments
  • Privacy Consultants - Privacy consulting firms and data security practices
  • Privacy and Data Protection Regulators

Key Benefits:

Research Analysis by Nymity’s Knowledgeable and Dedicated Expert Team

Nymity’s dedicated team of privacy lawyers, former privacy officers, and privacy compliance professionals ensure that the summary analysis resources in the knowledgebase are kept up-to-date. The Nymity team of privacy and data protection experts helps you understand the impact of today’s developments in the ever-changing privacy and data protection compliance landscape.

Operational Impact Included in all Expert Research Analysis

With the Research Analysis in the Nymity Research™ solution, quickly understand authority documents from Regulators, Courts, and Law Makers, plus compliance guidance documents from law firms and other experts in privacy compliance. For example, every Nymity Reference features:

  1. Impact Summary Analysis,
  2. Operational Impact Summary Analysis, and
  3. Important Research Messages.

Timely, Accurate, and Screened Knowledge for Compliance Guidance

Nymity’s team of privacy and data protection experts ensure that the knowledgebase is up-to-date by adding new research analysis (References) every day and cross-linking relevant References. Source documents are screened for compliance value to ensure compliance guidance.

Reporting Tools that Save Time

Create employee newsletters, management reports, presentations, or even an internal privacy blog by downloading reports or selecting from the many monthly or quarterly reports. In addition, the summary maps, charts, and tables are easy to use for education or reporting purposes. Tactically trigger compliance, as it is required, by using the search, find, and send features.

Alert is Evidence of Tracking Compliance Requirements

The Nymity Research™ solution pushes daily Alerts that include the one paragraph Impact Summary Analysis and links to the Operational Impact Summary Analysis and the source compliance document. The Daily Compliance Alert service can be used to demonstrate to senior management, internal audit, external regulators, and others how you or your organization stay informed on changes to compliance requirements.

Reduce Privacy Risk

Ultimately, the Nymity Research™ solution enables the privacy office to reduce privacy risk.

CPE Credits

The use of Nymity Research™ is eligible for earning CPE credits. The more a subscriber uses Nymity Research™ the more CPE credits they will earn. CPE credits are calculated based on a proprietary, confidential algorithm created in co-operation with Nymity and the IAPP. Some restrictions apply. Any unauthorized use of Nymity Research™ will forfeit any CPE credits a subscriber has earned.

Maps and Charts

Maps, Charts, Tables and other summary resources are high level summary overviews of key areas of privacy kept up-to-date by compliance experts, linked to detailed information -  excellent for quick knowledge and management reporting.

20,000+ References
Comprehensive Compliance Knowledgebase

Expert knowledgebase updated daily by Nymity’s team of privacy and data protection experts who understand operational privacy compliance. The Nymity Research™ solution enables searches, alerts, reports, and support for all summary charts, maps, and tables. Meet the team of experts.

Compliance Analysis in References

References (summary analyses) are created from authority documents from Regulators, Courts, and Law Makers, plus all relevant compliance documents that organizations need to help them comply. Each Reference features:  

  1. Impact to Subscriber
    One paragraph review of the source document that summarizes its impact on customers, for example new requirements, expectations, or best-practices.
  2. Operational Impact Summary
    Structured, bulleted, and categorized operational impact summaries that identify specific related business activities.
  3. Rules when Required
    If the operational impact summary cites a provision of law or regulation (Rule), it is available with one click. All other References that cite the Rule are one click away.
  4. Research Messages
    Relevant References are threaded together as the story evolves by Nymity’s privacy and data protection experts. 
  5. Link to Source
    View the source document that has been analyzed.

Screened for Accuracy and Depth

Nymity’s team of privacy and data protection experts review all source documents for compliance value prior to conducting analysis to create References. This includes updating References as compliance expectations change over time.

Stay Informed

Receive a custom Daily Compliance Alert with an impact for your organization written daily by the team of privacy and data protection experts.

  • Monthly Report - Report used for employee newsletter, management reports, awareness materials, and many other purposes.
  • Quarterly Report - Report used for executive reporting.
  • Annual Report - Report for presenting key developments, at the end of the year, or for any 12 month rolling period.

Inform Others

Quickly inform others in the organization with:

  1. Search and Send
    Search, find, and quickly forward operational impact expertise to internal stakeholders to help ensure compliance. 
  2. Newsletter Generator
    Use one of the pre-configured monthly or quarterly reports as your internal privacy newsletter. 
  3. Management Report Generator
    Customize one of the monthly or quarterly reports as your Management Report.

Research Support

Connect directly with an expert through an online chat, email or phone. learn more >

Breach Index

Nymity’s Breach Index allows for single jurisdiction, regional (US, EU), or global analysis of legal requirements. Analysis can be viewed at a summary level or a detail provisional (Rule) level. It is always up-to-date and complete. 

GDPR Resources

Operating in the EU, subscribers who will need to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have a dedicated resource to help ensure success.  

Custom Configured

Save significant time and never miss what is relevant. Configure the Nymity Research™ solution to specific countries, your industry, and search results. Daily alerts and monthly reports are automatically customized based on your preferences. 

Global Research Analysis

All Executive Summaries, Operational Impact Summary Analysis, and Important Research Messages are in English regardless of the language of the source document. 

The following are example use cases that provide information on how organizations use Nymity Research™ and the justification necessary:

  1. Advising Stakeholders

    Privacy offices provide advice, when requested, and practice compliance knowledge to business and operational units.
    View Business Case

  2. Meeting Compliance Expectations

    The Nymity Research™ solution serves as the ‘on-demand’ compliance source for the privacy office to help ensure that the organization meets compliance expectations. This can be done through a traditional search approach or configured proactively through automatic reports.
    View Business Case

  3. Staying Educated and Informed

    Summary charts, tables, maps, and custom daily alerts and monthly reports ensure the privacy office is educated and informed.
    View Business Case

  4. Producing a Privacy Newsletter

    Produce a privacy newsletter or integrate topical information with other corporate communications.
    View Business Case

  5. Producing Ongoing Awareness Material

    Some organizations have or would like to have a central location where employees can obtain policies relevant to privacy, procedures, contact information and in some cases, what’s new.
    View Business Case

  6. Producing Management Reports

    Keep management informed on key developments in privacy and value of the privacy program.
    View Business Case

  7. Managing Breach Compliance

    If a breach were to occur, quickly understand compliance obligations at a chart level or at a detailed rule level.
    View Business Case

  8. Compliance with the EU GDPR

    Organisations operating in the European Union are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by early 2018. Nymity Research™ helps organisations understand the regulation, expectations of supervisory authorities, compliance best practices, accountable privacy management, and must have the ability to track and understand all GDPR developments.
    View Business Case

  9. Demonstrating Due-Diligence

    If required, demonstrate to regulators, auditor, or customers monitoring privacy requirements.
    View Business Case

The following are samples of the knowledge found within the Nymity Research™ Solution:

A Reference

Quickly understand the impact to your organization and other functions. View sample > 

A Map

Review one of the maps that are always kept up-to-date. View sample > 

An Index

Summary level information plus detail indexing - always kept up-to-date. View sample > 

A Rule

Reference, tables, charts, indexes, studies, and all resources in the Nymity Research™ solution link to Rules to save time and provide additional functions. View sample > 

A Chart

Review one of the summary tables that are always kept up-to-date. View sample > 

A Daily Compliance Alert 

Customized compliance report pushed daily ensures that you stay informed. View sample > 


A Report
  • Monthly Report - Report used for employee newsletter, management reports, awareness materials, and many other purposes. View sample >
  • Quarterly Report - Report used for executive reporting. View sample >
  • Annual Report -  Report for presenting key developments, at the end of the year, or for any 12 month rolling period. View sample > 

The following are frequently asked questions  about the Nymity Research™ solution: 

Is the Nymity Research™ solution a replacement for Nymity PrivaWorks®?
Can I subscribe to both PrivaWorks® and the Nymity Research™ solution?
May I share content found in the Nymity Research™ solution within my organization?
Does Nymity offer consulting?

No, Nymity does not offer consulting. This is a common question, as Nymity has a large team of privacy lawyers, former privacy officers, and compliance professionals. Nymity does get involved in custom research projects, typically with privacy and data protection authorities.

Can multiple users login to my account?
How frequently are new References added/updated?
I would like summary charts and tables; is the Nymity Research™ solutions the right solution? 
Does Nymity provide translations?
Is Nymity Research™ sufficient for tracking external criteria?
Does Nymity rely on external law firms?
Do you provide abstracts?
Do you provide summary tables or charts?
Does the Nymity Research™ solution provide access to Laws and Regulations?
Does Nymity promote or recommend Law Firms?

Organisations operating in the EU must attain, maintain, and demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To obtain compliance with the GDPR, organisations are required to understand the regulation, expectations of supervisory authorities, compliance best practices, accountable privacy management, and must have the ability to track and understand all GDPR developments.

GDPR Accountability Annotations
Review the GDPR article by article accountability annotation that discusses mandatory privacy management activities to achieve ongoing compliance, and additional activities that would produce relevant documentation that can be used as evidence for the demonstration of compliance.

GDPR Compliance Plan
Using the GDPR Compliance Plan, learn where to begin, how to conduct a readiness assessment, and how to develop a privacy management strategy based on available resources.

GDPR Alerts
Receive alerts on all key GDPR developments. Each development features two levels of summary analysis, first, a one paragraph executive summary, and second, an operational impact level summary analysis.

GDPR New Development Reports
Receive a monthly report on new developments in the GDPR. Organisations can use the reports to stay informed or for management reporting.

GDPR Trending Reports
Understand what is popular and what is trending, specifically in regards to the GDPR.

Breach Reponses Centre
Meet current breach requirements in the EU and understand how they compare to the GDPR obligations. Plus, understand the additional breach response requirement beyond the scope of the GDPR.

Rules View
Create an up-to-date listing of compliance references organised by GDPR articles.



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