Take control of privacy management with Nymity Planner™, the ideal solution for the privacy office looking to build, enhance, and structure privacy management throughout the organization.

Ideal for:

  • Unstructured Privacy Offices with an adhoc privacy team wishing to organize and structure their program
  • Mature Privacy Offices with an existing team of privacy representatives embedded in operational and business units looking to enhance privacy management
  • New Privacy Offices wishing to build and communicate privacy management and effectively engage operations and business units
  • Law Firms and Consulting Firms looking for a communications platform to work with their clients

Key Benefits:

Privacy Management Planning

Manage privacy across the organization to ensure privacy management is embedded in business and operational practices where personal data is processed.

Delegate Accountability

Assign, communicate, and report the ownership of privacy throughout the organization, thus, embedding privacy management in business and operational units.

Operationalized Compliance

Use a structured approach based on privacy management activities to achieve and communicate compliance.

Documenting Evidence

Maintain a record of privacy management activities by requiring documentation as evidence.

Obtain Funding and Other Resources

Justify the resources required to implement and maintain the necessary privacy management activities.

Instant Reports

Generate a wide variety of reports including progress reports, status reports, compliance reports, maintenance reports, and ownership reports.

Receive Monthly Status Reports

Stay on plan and ensure progress is being made as scheduled with monthly status reports by activity and owner.

Communicate the Responsibility of the Privacy Office

Clearly document and obtain management review of privacy office responsibilities.

Structured Privacy Management

Leverage the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ to achieve a structured approach to planning and communicating privacy management throughout the organization.

Structured Privacy Management

Use a menu of over 130 privacy management activities in 13 privacy management categories to structure privacy management at your organization.

Status Management

Easily define and manage the status of privacy management across the organization.

Owner Assignment

Assign owner(s) for each privacy management activity inside and outside of the privacy office.

Support and Training by Experts

LiveChat with the Nymity Customer Success Team which consists of experienced privacy and data protection professionals. Simply contact us via LiveChat, phone support, or email support.

Compliance Attributes

Identify compliance privacy management activities for: OECD, GAPP, GDPR, APEC-CBPR, and other common compliance requirements.

Documenting Resources

Identify resources to implement and maintain a privacy management activity.

Documenting Evidence

Document evidence that exists for each privacy management activity.


Define and communicate which privacy management activities are required for compliance at your organization.

Planner Dashboard

Easy to use privacy planner dashboard.

  • Top privacy management activities viewed by users
  • Top downloadable resources opened by users
  • Recent updates and new content added in the past month

Business Case Generator

At any time create and download a Business Case that justifies further investment in implementation or maintenance of privacy management.

Customizable Dashboard

Control preferences for a customized interface to privacy management.

Monthly Reports

Select from a variety of monthly reports including, Compliance Status, Owners Status, Review Activity, and Implementation Progress.


Select from a variety of Alerts such as, when an Owner changes, when implementation reaches 100%, and if a Review is complete, due, or has not yet been completed.

Historical Records

Planner tracks changes in Status and Review history and provides a documented history of privacy management. This option is helpful when there are changes in Owner(s) or even within the privacy office.

Percentage Implemented

Track and report the implementation status over time and if desired, by owner.

Where to Get Started

For organizations at the early stages of privacy management a structured approach is provided for getting started with privacy management.

Confidentiality and Security

Nymity has no access to status, history, implementation and review dates, or any data entered by the organization. All data is stored securely.

Law Firm and Consulting Firm Access

Organizations can provide access to their law firm and consulting firm at no additional costs to the organization or the firm.

The following are example use cases that provide information on how organizations use Nymity Planner™ and the justification necessary to implement:

  1. Organizational Privacy Management Planning

    Managing privacy management across the organization is a challenge without a structured approach that takes into account responsibilities, status, and activities.
    View Business Case

  2. Structured Privacy Office Reporting

    Report the status of privacy management, the ownership, the resources, and compliance.
    View Business Case

  3. Privacy Ownership and Accountability

    Embed privacy management throughout the organization and ensure accountability in practice.
    View Business Case

  4. Producing the Business Case to Justify Enhancing Privacy Management

    Justify investments in privacy management.
    View Business Case

  5. Partnering with Law Firms and Consulting Firms

    Work with law firms and consulting firms to increase communications and effectiveness.
    View Business Case

Organisations operating in the EU have until May 25th 2018 to achieve compliance with the GDPR. At that time, they will be required to maintain ongoing compliance and to demonstrate compliance. Controllers and processors help these organisations operationalise compliance, in other words, implement privacy management that results in ongoing compliance with the GDPR.

There are 55 GDPR common compliance privacy management activities that need to be implemented, maintained, and evidenced to achieve ongoing compliance to the GDPR. For these 55 activities, Nymity Planner™ provides:

  1. GDPR Compliance Status Report
    Know the controller’s status for GDPR Compliance at all times. Understand where compliance has not been achieved, the steps to achieve compliance, the required resources necessary, and the owner(s) who are responsible for demonstrating compliance.

  2. GDPR Compliance Progress Reporting
    Monthly progress reports to achieve, and once achieved, maintain GDPR privacy management compliance.

  3. Customized or Out-of-the Box Compliance
    The common GDPR compliance privacy management activities are configured in Nymity Planner™ and for organisations that wish to combine other compliance obligations, for example, other laws or their BCR, the Compliance privacy management activities can be configured specifically.

  4. GDPR Accountability
    Embed responsibility throughout the controller and assign owner(s) to the GDPR compliance privacy management activities, monitor their progress, and obtain the evidence of initial and ongoing compliance.

  5. Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)
    If the controller or processor has, or is planning BCRs, the Nymity Planner™ will help ensure ongoing BCRs compliance.

  6. DPO Integration
    Regardless of whether the controller’s strategy for the DPO is to take a proactive privacy management role or to take a more traditional monitoring and consultative role, Nymity Templates™ is an effective solution for the DPO or for the controllers to establish a DPO.

  7. Records Management
    This structured approach enables controllers to maintain records of processing activities (Article 28 and 65) and if necessary make them available to the Supervisory Authority.

  8. Processor Management
    Track GDPR compliance privacy management activities, the relevant processors, their owners, and the responsibilities.

  9. Risk Assessment
    GDPR outlines a risk based approach and Nymity Planner™ supports the approach with its 12 Risk Assessment privacy management activities which identify and assess risk based on the strategy chosen.

  10. Law Firm/Consulting Firm GDPR Integration
    At no additional costs, provide access to Nymity Planner™ to your trusted law firm or consulting firm as they help the organisation achieve, maintain, and communicate GDPR compliance.

  11. Communicate Your GDPR Story
    Record progress and the steps that were taken to achieve, and then maintain, GDPR Compliance.

  12. GDPR Supported Framework
    There are very few privacy management frameworks and the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™, which Nymity Planner™ is based on, encompasses privacy management activities that specify obligations in the GDPR.



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