Expert Summary Analysis by Privacy Lawyers

Nymity MoFoNotes® provides high-level executive opinions and summary-based overviews of privacy laws to help provide an understanding of compliance obligations without requiring the user to conduct in-depth research of individual laws.

  • Obtain custom reports with summary analyses of privacy laws
  • Compare the analysis of your obligations through multi-jurisdictional reporting
  • Empower your business and regional units with the expert analysis they need to truly understand their compliance obligations

Why MofoNotes?

Increasingly, the privacy office wants to empower the business and regional units to easily understand their compliance obligations without them having to become privacy experts. When assessing new opportunities or implementing new business practices, business and regional units need to quickly understand their compliance obligations so they can make informed decisions.

Due to licensing restrictions, Nymity MoFoNotes™ are not available to law firms and consultants.

Each custom report provides:

  1. Summary Analysis provided by Morrison & Foerster
    • Quickly understand compliance obligations without reading the law
    • Make business decisions with confidence
  2. Custom Reports
    • Eliminates the need to conduct research
    • Hundreds of report variations tailored to your compliance needs
  3. Multiple Jurisdiction Reporting
    • Enables consistent comparative analysis
  4. Deploy MoFoNotes directly to Business and Regional Units
    • Empower non-privacy professionals to understand privacy compliance obligations
    • Shift compliance to business and regional units

Understand Compliance Obligations

Research Laws in Every Jurisdiction

Keeping up with the vast array of privacy laws around the world can be a daunting challenge for the privacy office of a multinational organization. The privacy office needs to understand its compliance obligations but it may not have the time or manpower to research laws in every jurisdiction in which the company does business. There also may be language hurdles because many laws are not available in English. 

Even when they are available in English, often the way in which the laws are written and the obligations are presented, makes it difficult to analyze and compare legal requirements from one country to another. Online research could be conducted in every jurisdiction to create summary analyses but that can be very time consuming and could yield summaries that are difficult to compare.

Regardless of whether it is the privacy office or business unit, ultimately, they need expert analysis from a law firm to truly understand their compliance obligations.

MoFoNotes Datasheet
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Nymity LawTables™
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