Mapping Your BCRs to Laws

Nymity pre-configures your organization’s Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) into the Nymity LawTables™ Rules Library and then Nymity LawTables™ automatically maps your BCRs to any law.

Organizations using Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) as a cross border transfer mechanism must be prepared to demonstrate compliance not only with the BCR but with applicable national law as well. By using the BCRs Custom Rule Source within Nymity LawTables™, commonalities and outliers can be identified (see Rationalized Rule Set use case above) between the BCRs and applicable laws. Nymity LawTables™ also enables the user to quickly identify the Rules within the BCRs that require Evidence, adding efficiency to the monitoring program and streamlining reporting (see Demonstrating Compliance Table Use Case).

Business Case

For this use case, the Nymity LawTables™ solution supports the privacy office in reducing privacy risk helping the privacy office to:

  1. Map your existing Privacy Program to the BCRs to provide a detailed understanding of where the privacy management program must be enhanced in order to comply
  2. Produce compliance tables enabling BCR to be rationalized with national law (see Rationalized Rule Sets use case)
  3. Work more efficiently with law firms to create better compliance outcomes
  4. Maintain a list of global outliers (specific compliance requirements that are more restrictive than the GDPR in other jurisdictions around the world)
  5. Be prepared to demonstrate compliance using operational documentation
  6. Avoid duplication of effort by easily identifying where your organization can leverage activities in one jurisdiction to satisfy requirements in another
  7. Provide meaningful advice to stakeholders such as business, compliance, and legal executives

Only subscribers from your organization will be able to view your BCRs as a Rule Source. There is an additional fee added to the annual Nymity LawTables™ subscription for this functionality. An estimated 3 to 4 weeks lead-time will be required for Nymity’s research team to analyze and load your privacy policy into Nymity LawTables™.

This use case is designed to use as a business case to justify the purchase of the Nymity LawTables™ solution.

Nymity LawTables™

This use case is designed to use as a business case to justify the purchase of the Nymity LawTables™ solution.

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