Clearly Generate and Compare
Rules of Law On-Demand

Nymity LawTables

Clearly Generate and Compare Rules of Law On-Demand


Generate powerful rules tables, maps, and lists based on the legal requirements of over 550 privacy laws and regulations. Nymity LawTables™ is a sophisticated, web-based privacy law rules engine that is updated daily.

Empower your organization with on-demand legal research to support cross-jurisdictional initiatives and compliance. Use Nymity LawTables™ for:

  • Mapping accountability to compliance
  • Creating rationalized rules sets
  • Building tables to demonstrate compliance
  • Mapping privacy policies and BCRs to laws
  • Maintaining compliance and reducing risk




Online Investigation of Rules and Customized Rules Tables
Investigate rules dynamically using expert filters, and quickly create rules tables based on multiple criteria customized for your countries.

Instant Drill Down Reports to Rules of Law
At any time, view the actual text of rules in English.

Customizable Compliance Heat Maps
Generate and download compliance heat maps for presentations and reporting.

Complete Global Coverage
With over 550 privacy and data protection laws, regulations, and codes, Nymity strives to meet 100% coverage.

Rules Required to Demonstrate Compliance
Understand which rules require evidence to demonstrate compliance and avoid risk.

On-Demand Precedents
All rules link to relevant case law and regulator decisions to provide guidance on compliance expectations from authorities.


Quickly Understand Requirements Across Jurisdictions
Identify common legal requirements across jurisdictions, as well as jurisdictions with additional requirements (outliers).

Obtain and Share Key Information Instantly
View the actual text of the rule, in English, with on-demand drill downs. Easily send a copy to other stakeholders in the organization.

Maintain Compliance
Map your privacy management program to rules of law that require evidence.

Reduce Risk with Rules of Law Updated Daily
Never work with incomplete or outdated information. Nymity’s rules library is maintained by a research team of privacy professionals dedicated to ensuring the information is accurate and complete.

Earn CPE Credits
Use Nymity LawTables to earn CPE credits. Credits are calculated based on a proprietary, confidential algorithm created in co-operation with Nymity and the IAPP. Some restrictions apply.



  •   Privacy officers who need multi-jurisdictional reports on rules of law
  •   Privacy lawyers and law firms conducting research on rules of law in order to
    advise clients



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Clearly Generate and Compare Rules of Law On-Demand

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