TrustArc Privacy Training

Educate Your Team on Key Privacy Topics

The most successful companies in the world place data protection and privacy as an organizational priority. Providing training creates awareness and buy-in across the organization.

GDPR CCPA Online Training

GDPR and CCPA Essentials Online Training

This online course is interactive and designed to train employees who handle data in the essentials of privacy and drive privacy awareness within organizations.

Data Protection Foundations – Provides learners with the foundation they need to understand data protection concepts, including: what personal data is; the data lifecycle; what data protection is; and why it is important to organizations that handle personal data.

The GDPR and CCPA Overview – Helps employees better explain and enforce the policies and procedures put into place by your company and identify potential issues in data processing that should be addressed.


Customized Privacy Training & Workshops

This customized on-site or online training package and workshop can be delivered to certain groups within your company, such as developers, application owners, data owners, database administrators.

Customized Privacy Training includes details of your company’s data privacy policies and requirements for teams who regularly handle data such as developers, application owners, data owners, database administrators.

Courses are SCORM-enabled and can run a Learning Management System (LMS).

The training courses can be quickly deployed to organizations ranging from 10 to 10,000+ employees.

Train your staff on privacy essentials.