2018 GDPR Compliance Webinar Series
Nymity Webinar Series
2018 GDPR Compliance Webinar Series
Nymity Webinar Series
What Privacy Officers Need to Know to Attain, Maintain, and Demonstrate Compliance

The positive feedback from Nymity’s 2017 GDPR Webinar Series was overwhelming! As the May 25th GDPR implementation deadline fast approaches, we will continue to share deep insights on the GDPR and how companies can prepare for compliance in key areas. After the implementation date, our series will cover how to maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis and examine specific topics that are designed to equip Privacy Officers with advanced knowledge, case studies, tools, and techniques to deal with complex requirements within the GDPR.

January 31
GDPR Compliance: Only four months to go. How will you prioritize your efforts? VIEW RECORDING
February 22
GDPR Article 30: Are You Ready for the New Records of Processing Activities... REGISTER NOW
March 08
GDPR Compliance: When Can Software Solutions Help?

March 21
Accountability and demonstrating Compliance under the GDPR REGISTER NOW

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