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REIMAGINING PRIVACY: TrustArc Acquires Nymity
By: Nymity

Today we’re pleased and proud to be announcing that Nymity, the company I founded almost 18 years ago, is joining forces with TrustArc Inc, a fellow pioneer in privacy solutions.

Managing Data Breaches, Best Practices for an Accountability Approach

By: Paul Breitbarth

The CCPA, EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA, Brazil’s General Data Protection Law, Australia’s notifiable data breach scheme are just a few examples of international data breach notification laws that have come into play in recent years.

CCPA, Nevada and the Ever-Changing US Landscape

By: Rene Mendizabal

When we did our last update on the status of US privacy legislation just a few weeks ago, there were 15 States with consumer privacy laws passed and/or bills on the table, including California (CCPA) and the most recent, Nevada (Act Relating to Internet Privacy).

Reporting to the Board on Privacy: Practical Advice from a Chief Privacy Officer

By: Nymity

Corporate directors and senior leaders take on a broad range of responsibilities when they join a company’s board. Privacy is increasingly becoming one of the issues board members are focusing on as part of their compliance and oversight obligations.

GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more: Staying afloat in the sea of global privacy regulations

By: Teresa Troester-Falk

The global privacy legislation landscape continues to be a complex sea to navigate. To date we have seen 117 omnibus laws (GDPR) and another 28 sectoral laws (CCPA) come into play.

Reporting Data Privacy Obligations to Your Board

By: Nymity

We get a lot of requests on how to report on data privacy obligations, especially as they gain more visibility with boards.

How to Acquire Budget for Your Privacy Program

By: Ray Pathak

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How do I make a business case to acquire budget for my privacy program?”

Demonstrating Compliance with Multiple Laws, from GDPR to CCPA

By: Teresa Troester-Falk

The dust has barely settled on GDPR preparation, and another big law is coming down the pipeline that will affect organisations established in the state of California or doing business there.

Part 2: How to Take an Accountability Approach to Compliance with Multiple Laws (GDPR, CCPA and 700 more!)

By: Teresa Troester-Falk

Some organisations have been treating the GDPR as if it were a one time project with an end date of May 25th. But that was just beginning. The GDPR requires organisations to demonstrate ongoing accountability and compliance.

Part 1: How to Take an Accountability Approach to Compliance with Multiple Laws (GDPR, CCPA and 700 more!)

By: Teresa Troester-Falk

With the advent of the GDPR and the overwhelming attention it received, the layperson may have assumed it was the first privacy law ever to be passed. But there are over 700 hundred data privacy laws and regulations worldwide – some dating back to the ‘80s.

Demonstrating Compliance with both GDPR and CCPA

By: Paul Breitbarth

With the dust of the entry into application of the GDPR hardly settled, the data protection community is shaping up to deal with the next challenge: the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ at a Glance, Part 2

By: Nymity

As your organisation continues to implement technical and organisational measures for the purpose of providing evidence of GDPR compliance, the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ can serve as a helpful tool.

Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ at a Glance, Part 1

By: Nymity

The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ is an easy-to-read, menu-style visual tool that identifies operational and practical measures that, if implemented and maintained, may provide evidence of GDPR compliance.