13 Advanced GDPR Compliance Webinars

This webinar series goes beyond simply explaining the GDPR and its requirements, diving deeply on specific topics relating to the GDPR. This series will equip Privacy Officers with advanced knowledge, case studies, tools, and techniques to deal with complex requirements within the GDPR. Prior GDPR knowledge is required to fully benefit from these sessions.
1. Does the GDPR Require a Data Inventory? Answer: No
2. Does the GDPR Require PIAs? Answer: Only Sometimes
3. A Time-Saving Method to Prioritise your GDPR Compliance
4. GDPR and the Nymity Accountability Framework Advisory Forum™
5. Consent and the GDPR
6. Less than a year until GDPR Compliance - Trends and Analysis
7. Data Mapping for GDPR Compliance
8. Demonstrating Compliance to Regulators
9. Leverage your GDPR compliance efforts to support BCRs
10. Lessons Learned from International DPA Conference in Hong Kong
11. Certify your Privacy Program: Why and How?
12. Future Proof Your GDPR Compliance
13. GDPR and Vendor Management