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Privacy Guide to Demonstrating Accountability

Demonstrating Accountability Book


A Privacy Office Guide

Demonstrating accountability is more than reporting, even more than reporting with evidence. It is the ability to show that a privacy program is managed and monitored.

The ultimate goal of the privacy office in many organizations is to be able to answer the question, ‘how do we know that the privacy program is effectively embedded throughout the organization?’, in other words, to be accountable and to demonstrate it. 

The book is a guide for the privacy office to demonstrate accountability using the free Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework.

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“This is fantastic! As I read it, I just keep nodding and smiling – been there, done that – just seeing it in print validates all those efforts!”

Jill Phillips

Chief Privacy Officer, GM

“In the event that a national privacy regulator requests or demands evidence that [we are] compliant with BCRs, local laws or regulations, we will be able to respond quickly and objectively [and] our responses will be backed by evidence. We can document our compliance status and any actions we are taking to make improvements.”


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