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Data Privacy Resources

Nymity supports the privacy office with freely available data privacy resources, including data privacy research, webinars, toolkits, white papers and case studies.

Nymity Webinars

Webinars provide insight into practical approaches to privacy management and our latest research.


Nymity’s Toolkits provide templates, spreadsheets, and other practical tools for data privacy management.

Nymity Research

Our white papers provide insight on methodologies for analyzing regulatory privacy risk, and privacy laws.


Practical, hands-on showcases on how Privacy Offices can use Nymity’s products for privacy management.

Case Study

Case studies on how organizations use Nymity’s privacy management and compliance research solutions.

Privacy management solutions data sheets

Practical and detailed information for each of Nymity’s privacy products and solutions.

Privacy Management Infographics

Executive overviews provide insight into various privacy management related topics.


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