GDPR Compliance Toolkit

The GDPR Compliance Toolkit provides an operational approach to GDPR compliance which results in demonstrable GDPR compliance. The Nymity GDPR Compliance Toolkit equips privacy officers with the resources necessary to understand, assess, and develop a plan to achieve demonstrable GDPR compliance.

Next Generation PIAs

This framework is the latest in Nymity’s ongoing thought-leadership research in accountability. It is a next generation approach to Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) which is called an Accountability PIA Framework. The core of the approach works on a simple premise: both PIAs and organisational accountability have the same purpose - they mitigate privacy risk and address compliance.


Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™

Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework

The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ is a comprehensive listing of over 130 privacy management activities identified through Nymity's global data privacy accountability research. The privacy management activities are structured in 13 privacy management categories, and are jurisdiction and industry neutral.

Resources Available:

  • Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™
  • Definitions and Scopes Document

Getting Started: Privacy Management Accountability Workbook

Privacy Management Accountability Workbook

Nymity’s Privacy Management Accountability Workbook will help privacy officers implement structured privacy management throughout their organization. It allows privacy officers to create a definitive privacy management program to effectively achieve the privacy management strategy established by the privacy office.

Resources Available:

  • Privacy Management Accountability
  • Getting Started Manual

Demonstrating Compliance
On Demand

Demonstrating Compliance On Demand

Nymity’s research with privacy officers, policy makers and regulators have identified the critical success factors for demonstrating compliance. A key outcome of this research is an effective, organized, structured, and scalable approach for the privacy office to use an accountability approach to demonstrate compliance on demand.

Resources Available:

  • Nymity Data Privacy Accountability
  • Demonstrating Compliance Manual
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