New privacy regulations like the GDPR require companies to make significant changes to their privacy program in order to avoid potential fines and lost business. Small and mid-sized enterprises are most impacted because they often lack the resources required to manage the ongoing requirements for complex privacy regulations like the GDPR and are looking for a way to demonstrate compliance in advance of an official GDPR certification standard.


The TrustArc Cloud Privacy Compliance Package streamlines the compliance process enabling companies to more easily develop a plan, implement controls, and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR. The solution includes:

Privacy Platform

Data Inventory Hub to build and maintain a data inventory and record of business processes; Assessment Manager to conduct a GDPR maturity assessment, identify gaps, manage data protection impact assessments (DPIA), and produce compliance reports.


GDPR Validation

Independent GDPR Practices Validation for one or more cloud-based services, including a gap findings report, remediation recommendations and a validation letter which can be used to demonstrate compliance with customers and partners.


Expert Resources

Guidance from TrustArc privacy experts to help manage the validation review process which is mapped to each applicable Article of the GDPR, ISO 27001 and other applicable standards, along with access to ongoing guidance during the subscription term.

Privacy Expertise



Powerful Technology

Assessment Manager and Data Inventory Hub are part of the TrustArc Platform which also includes modules to manage data subject access requests, cookie consent, and other compliance requirements.


Deep Privacy Expertise

The GDPR Maturity and Validation assessments were developed by TrustArc privacy experts who have extensive experience working with compliance and privacy risk analysis.


Compliance Reporting

Produce compliance reports to meet GDPR Article 30 and 35, along with other reports to demonstrate compliance on demand.


Easy to Use

Streamlined user experience along with helpful tips and training resources are available to make the user experience easy.

TrustArc Privacy Platform

Learn how the Cloud Privacy Compliance Package can help you demonstrate GDPR compliance.