Why companies should be Regulator Ready

Nymity prepares organizations to report on GDPR compliance with its new whitepaper

July 24, 2018, Toronto, Canada – The world’s number one provider of research-based privacy compliance software, Nymity Inc., has announced the release of its latest Whitepaper “Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance?” which details an accountability approach to reporting to Regulators on GDPR compliance requirements. The need to be “Regulator Ready” is no longer theoretical. On July 17, 2018. The Dutch Data Protection Authority began an exploratory investigation (Source: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en/news/dutch-dpa-microsoft-breaches-data-protection-law-windows-10) into how well large organisations are complying with the GDPR. They will be asking specifically for evidence of a records of processing which is required by Article 30. Terry McQuay, President and Founder of Nymity said that “From the outset, Nymity designed its GDPR compliance software solutions with this “end” in mind. The GDPR is very clear on the legal obligation to demonstrate compliance (article 5(2) and certain provisions such as Article 30 specify that specific documentation must be made available on demand to supervisory authorities.”
The Whitepaper details a “Regulator Ready” approach to GDPR compliance reporting. “Regulator Ready” means that an organisation has the capacity to efficiently produce reports that tell a clear story reflecting the status of the organization’s GDPR compliance measures that align with the requirements of the law.
“Early on our clients were asking for simple and straightforward reporting tools that would explain their GDPR compliance initiatives,” said Teresa Troester-Falk, Nymity’s Chief Global Privacy Strategist. “As a former global privacy lead for large multinational companies, I deeply understand the need for effective and simple reports that accurately reflect the organisations compliance measures. Nymity’s latest Whitepaper details how organisations can leverage the GDPR compliance measures that have been put in place across the organisation to report on specific compliance requirements such as Article 30 Records of processing and Article 35 Data protection impact assessments.”

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About Nymity:
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