Nymity receives the 2016 HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award
for their Attestor™ solution

Sept 15, 2016

Nymity continues to innovate compliance to help privacy officers meet their compliance obligations

Toronto ON – Nymity is pleased to announce that they are the recipients of the 2016 HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award. Nymity has been recognized for its innovative methodology that they have developed and built into the Attestor™ solution for demonstrating accountability and compliance.

Nymity Attestor™ enables the privacy office to demonstrate accountability and compliance by a unique and easy process of gathering evidence of compliance from across the organization and mapping evidence to requirements. To demonstrate compliance an organization must demonstrate that they comply with the requirements of a law, regulation, policy, or other commitments such as a privacy notice or code of conduct.

Attestor™ is used by multinational organizations across a large variety of industries in order to prepare to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR, manage the BCR process, be able to measure and report on compliance with laws and policy, engage with stakeholders throughout the organization, and to monitor and assess activities such as internal and external audits. Some of the key benefits to using Nymity’s Attestor™ are that it provides on demand, powerful, and easy to interpret reports on the status of the privacy program, both at an executive and detailed level.

We are honoured to have been chosen this year as a recipient of the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards. Nymity Attestor™ is a great example of the innovation we believe in. It is built on over 600 privacy laws, operationalized with a patented methodology, and supported by a software that allows for seamless integration with organization’s business processes to meet their privacy management needs.” commented Terry McQuay, Founder and President of Nymity.


For organizations preparing to comply with GDPR requirements, including the need to demonstrate compliance (Articles 5 and 24), Attestor™ enables the privacy office to simultaneously manage compliance with existing requirements and future obligations. Since demonstrating compliance is not a ‘checklist’ approach, an organization must provide evidence of ongoing privacy management activities, policies, measures, and mechanisms that have been embedded throughout the organization.