Nymity Launches Next Generation Solutions Enabling Organizations To Minimize Time To Compliance

TORONTO, Canada – April 30, 2019– Today, Nymity, Inc. announced the availability of its next generation of solutions built on Nymity’s integrated, research-driven, expert privacy platform, enabling organizations to minimize time to compliance with US, European and global privacy legislation.

This release delivers key enhancements to Nymity’s existing solutions and introduces several new solutions that reduce complexity for companies when developing, managing and maintaining privacy compliance programs. Highlights include:

Next Generation Research & Alerts Nymity’s Research & Alerts solution, now in its 15th year, is the foundation of hundreds of companies’ privacy compliance practices. With this new release, Nymity’s expert research analysis enables sophisticated alerting and advanced push reporting functionality including maps and charts. Research & Alerts gives privacy professionals knowledge when they need it, eliminating time-consuming searches, helping them minimize time to compliance.

In addition, Research & Alerts also now includes a cybersecurity law monitor, dynamic Data Subject Rights (DSR) legal annotations, one stop customizable knowledge dashboard, interactive maps, interactive charts, regulator templates and privacy law monitors. The breach index, GDPR monitor, and CCPA monitor features have also been enhanced. Lastly, several of Nymity’s proprietary privacy management frameworks will be available for download to customers (including frameworks for Data Types, Legitimate Interests, Privacy Controls, Data Subjects, and more).

New Data Subject Requests solution. Nymity’s new Data Subject Requests (DSR) solution enables companies to significantly reduce the time to fulfill data subject requests. Whether it’s compliance with the GDPR, CCPA or any of the over 1,100+ DSR obligations across over 115 countries, Nymity’s DSR solution helps reduce the complexity and time to compliance for managing data subject requests. The Compliance Panel presents contextual legal annotations eliminating time consumer searches for legal obligations. Preconfigured response templates are customizable to fit an organization’s needs and create regulator ready reporting, on demand.

New Awareness Tracker solution. Nymity’s new Awareness Tracking solution is the first and only solution in the industry designed to address the challenge of keeping privacy champions informed and engaged. An expert system tracks the relevancy of the stories for each privacy champion and through machine learning, adapts and presents better and more relevant stories each week. Gamifying progress through the awarding of status such as aware, knowledgeable, and champion, creates a consistently engaging experience for privacy champions. On-demand reporting enables regulator ready reports demonstrating that key employees are maintaining an appropriate level of awareness.

“Nymity understands the challenges and complexity privacy professionals face on a day-to-day basis,” commented Andy Bloom, Chief Privacy Officer. McGraw-Hill. “With their next generation of solutions, Nymity continues to give us both confidence in the accuracy of regulatory information we are receiving, and new tools to quickly and efficiently build, manage, maintain, and report on our privacy compliance.”

“Over my last 17 years in the ever-changing privacy landscape, two challenges have remained consistent – the constraints on time and resources available for privacy compliance,” said Terry McQuay, President and Founder, Nymity, Inc. “We build our solutions with one goal in mind – to minimize time to compliance for our customers. Our next generation of solutions bring both breadth and depth of capabilities to help companies manage their privacy compliance program efficiently and cost effectively.”

Nymity will be demonstrating their enhanced and new solutions at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit taking place in Washington, DC from May 1 to 3, at Booth 301.

About Nymity, Inc.
Nymity Inc. provides business-friendly privacy compliance software solutions that minimize time to compliance with the world’s privacy laws including the CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD. Nymity solutions reduce complexity and improve responsiveness to the business as they are based on four levels of research maintained in the only Expert Privacy Platform available in the market today.

Dedicated to privacy law compliance since 2002, Nymity pioneered privacy compliance software over a decade before privacy rose to global prominence. Nymity is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, with offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal and Colombia. To learn more visit us at www.nymity.com   

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