Nymity launches groundbreaking GDPR Implementation Tracker™

Toronto, Canada – April 09, 2018 – The world’s number one provider of research-based privacy compliance software, Nymity Inc., has announced the launch of the first ever GDPR Implementation Tracker™, an invaluable tool that provides subscribers with localised, up-to-the-minute updates to national law requirements on a daily basis. Backed by 15 years of experience assisting organisations to operationalise compliance efforts, Nymity Inc. has leveraged its Expert Research to develop the Tracker™, the latest addition to an extensive suite of resources specific to the achievement of GDPR compliance.

Given their impressive experience working with privacy legislations across the globe, Nymity is uniquely positioned to anticipate the needs of clients preparing for the May 25th GDPR implementation date. Nymity’s new tools lend much needed clarity and legal certainty to the varied and complicated obligations presented by the GDPR.

GDPR Implementation Tracker™: Unprecedented Accuracy Delivered in Real-Time
The GDPR allows member states to enact national data protection laws to supplement legislation, thereby potentially creating small differences between companies’ obligations in member states. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in severe penalties, making it essential for Privacy Officers to remain informed on national law developments. Nymity’s brand new GDPR Implementation Tracker™ provides the most comprehensive and current GDPR information, updated on a daily basis. The Tracker™ is the first tool of its kind to provide specialised, localised GDPR knowledge in real-time.

The GDPR Implementation Tracker™ allows users to:

– Stay up-to-date with national law developments
– Track the current status of each country’s GDPR implementation progress
– Understand which countries are going beyond what is required by the GDPR by including additional obligations in their national implementation
– Get updates on GDPR motivated laws around the world
– Export maps and data to create customizable reports

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Nymity’s Suite of GDPR Compliance Tools
In addition to the GDPR Implementation Tracker™, Nymity has an extensive suite of GDPR compliance resources and solutions, including:

A Practical Guide to Demonstrating GDPR Compliance
Building from the world’s largest expert knowledge platform, Nymity has recently authored a paper entitled, “A Practical Guide to Demonstrating GDPR Compliance”, which walks readers through an easy-to-follow two-step process for prioritising a privacy program to meet GDPR accountability obligations. Supported by a number of in-depth appendices, the paper also provides straight-forward definitions of key concepts, making it accessible to individuals in the privacy office and business operations alike.

Nymity ExpertPIA™: Instantly Produce Accurate Article 30 and 35 Reports
For those organisations processing large amounts of data, or with more complicated processing activities, the GDPR Articles 30 (Records of Processing Activities), and 35 (Data Protection Impact Assessment Reports) represent key priorities in demonstrating compliance. Nymity ExpertPIA™ produces out-of-the-box, turnkey Article 30 and 35 reports, providing users with unparalleled peace of mind, knowing that these obligations have been met, right down to the letter.

Nymity Inc.: Industry Leaders in Privacy Management Software
“Our GDPR readiness tools have been specifically designed to provide clarity on the obligations of the regulation, while assisting in the development of a structured, evidence-based privacy program,” says Nymity Inc. President and Founder Terry McQuay. “We’re very proud to be sharing our solutions with clients across the globe.”

Nymity Inc. provides award-winning research-based privacy management software solutions that enable organisations to achieve and maintain demonstrable compliance. With over 35 in-house privacy professionals, Nymity’s team has analyzed more than 770 laws covering over 26,000 provisions, and imparted more than 24,000 hours of thought leadership. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, Nymity also has offices in the United States, Netherlands, and Columbia.