Nymity is pleased to announce the release of
their GDPR Compliance Toolkit

Aug 17, 2016

Providing organisations with the tools to understand, assess, and develop a roadmap to demonstrable GDPR compliance

Toronto – Nymity, a leading global research company specialising in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office, is pleased to announce the release of its new GDPR Compliance Toolkit that equips privacy officers with the resources necessary to understand, assess, and develop a plan for complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Included in this free toolkit are three resources that will help organisations operationalise GDPR compliance:

  1. GDPR Privacy Management Accountability Annotations – This resource helps organisations understand the GDPR and provides operational guidance for each of the 39 GDPR Articles that require evidence to demonstrate compliance.
  2. GDPR Readiness Assessment Questions – This customizable MS Excel spreadsheet helps privacy officers in the planning phase of implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures (a requirement in Article 24 of the GDPR). It asks appropriate questions to both the privacy department as well as business units, to ensure that demonstrable compliance is embedded throughout their organisation.
  3. Accountability Roadmap for Demonstrable GDPR Compliance – This resource enables the development of an operational GDPR compliance roadmap based on the accountability mechanisms appropriate for the user’s organisation.


We are pleased to share extensive research into operationalisation GDPR Compliance in the form of pragmatic tools for free in order to help ensure organisations successfully plan and prepare for demonstrable compliance with the GDPR. These free tools work standalone or in combination with our suite of solutions developed to attain, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance.” said President and Founder of Nymity, Terry McQuay.


The Accountability principle runs through the core of the GDPR. Article 24 requires that organisations implement ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ to be able to ‘demonstrate’ their compliance with the Regulation. Nymity’s research has identified 39 Articles (out of the 99 Articles in the GDPR) that require evidence to demonstrate compliance and has mapped these Articles to the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ (a menu of appropriate technical and organisational measures).

Nymity’s GDPR Compliance Toolkit will help enable privacy officers to understand, plan, and develop a roadmap to ensure that their compliance obligations are met and that appropriate evidence is provided to demonstrate compliance.

For access to this GDPR Compliance Toolkit please click here.